Learn Correct Grammar with My 2 Favorite Grammar Books

Learning correct grammar can seem a bit overwhelming but with the right attitude and a good grammar book you will be able to master English grammar.

This morning I received an email from Bettina (one of my students).

Bettina, confessed that she normally hated grammar but after buying my eWorkbook "5 Simple Steps to Better Writing" she started to think about grammar a bit more.

See what Bettina said a week after buying my eBook:

I love listening to your voice. What a pleasure! You're advice is great and I know it'll be extremely helpful. It's clear and not boring at all. I hope I don't have to buy a grammar book but at the same time I'm curious. Maybe it would be good for me. I'll thinking about it. Congratulations for your work Diana.

A couple of days later she sent me another email:

Hi Diana,

I would like to buy a grammar book. You inspired me so much. I can't believe it. Me and grammar rules! That's incredible

Could you guide me to make the right choice, please? I've had a look inside these books but I have no clue which one will be the best for me.

Thanks Diana

So now that Bettina is curious about grammar - find out more about the book that inspired her here - I'd like to tell you about my two favorite grammar books which I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

They are very different and will be useful for different people so let's explore which would be best for you.

English Grammar in Use

By Raymond Murphy

This is quite possibly the best self study grammar book ever (or at least that I have taught with and that my students use).

What I like about this book is that it is;

--> Easy to understand

--> Provides simple explanations

--> Has lots of samples to understand the grammar and see it in use

--> Each grammar point is explained on one page and then on the next page you have activities and questions to really understand what you are learning.

Who is this book for?

This book is for people who want to learn correct grammar by themselves in an easy and understandable way. The cost is reasonable at under $30 - buy your copy today from amazon and your grammar book will be sent directly to your house.

Also, this book coveres grammar up to an intermediate level (around a level B2) and is a great way to review all of the less complex grammar structures.

What about those of you who have an upper intermediate level or who want to understand more complicated grammar?

My recommendation is:

Practical English Usage

By Michael Swan

This easy to use reference guide is exactly what it claims to be. It is a tool to help you understand English in a practical and useful way.

Whenever a student asks me a question and I don't know how to explain the correct grammar I refer to this book. Get your copy today from Amazon and it will be delivered right to your house. It is my favorite and most used reference book.

My only warning about this book is that it is in not a workbook and does not provide exercises for you to practice.

Think of it as an encyclopedia or reference book to help you understand "real language problems with practical solutions".

So there you go. Those are my two recommendations for everyone who wants to use correct grammar at home. I hope that this article helps you choose a grammar book (if you decide focus on grammar). - Diana

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