Correct Usage of "For"

"___________ the new computer, passagers at the offices of the CAAC can now buy their aeroplane tickets much faster." Fill in the blank with the correct answer:

A) Because
B) For
C) Thanks for
D) Thanks to

Why can't the answer be B? I looked up the word "for" in the Oxford dictionary and I found "used to show a reason or cause. eg: "He got an award for bravery".

Could you also tell me what the correct answer is and why? Thank you!

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Nov 26, 2010
For/thanks to
by: Ola Zur


If the word for the blank was "for" you wouldn't put a comma after "computer."

Another thing you should know is that in this case, it is much more common to hear someone say: "Thanks to the new computer?"

In addition, the word "for" is used to show a reason ("He received a diploma for graduating"; "She failed for not practicing enough"), and the phrase "thanks to" is use to show the reason for something good ("Thanks to Ron, we will not have to pay for it"; "We can go home now, thanks to you.")

Ola Zur is the editor of, an illustrated guide to English.

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