Demonstrative Pronouns
& Demonstratives

Lesson 4: This - That - These - Those 

English Listening Skills: Press Play!

Demonstratives and demonstrative pronouns are one of the most important points of English grammar which you need to know.

That is why I have included them in this English course for beginners.

1) Explore the grammar exercise below

2) Listen to the English Audio

3) I will explain how and when to use demonstratives.

Basic English Grammar is easy!

Learn English grammar at home and have fun!

Learn correct grammar and then use it!

You can create your own motivation to learn English.

Your English is better than you realize!

Grammar Made Easy!

When do you use THIS and when do you use THAT?

THIS is used for people or things that are close to us.

  • This sweater is soft (You are touching it)
  • This book is funny (You are holding it)

THAT is used for people or things that are a distance from us or not present (something in the past for example or in a picture).

  • That trip was fun (last year)
  • That book is expensive (on the bed)
  • That bottle is empty

Try not to think about the grammar too much. 

Just remember: This = near, That = far.

Review the photos and audio again to see the grammar in context.

How to use Plural Demonstrative Pronouns

THESE expresses something which is near you and plural.

  • These books are great.
  • These shoes are nice. 
  • These books are interesting.

THOSE refers to things that are far from us and plural

  • Those books are funny. 
  • Those shoes are expensive. 
  • Those bottles are empty.

Grammar Practice: Your Turn!

Look at the picture of my desk below.

What can you touch? 
(If you are sitting in the chair)

What can't you touch? 
(if you are standing far away by the door).

Describe the objects using -this, that, these, and those

Listen to how I describe what is on the desk. 

Sitting in the chair

Standing by the door

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