Either vs Neither.

by Cristina

Could you tell me when I should use EITHER and NEITHER? What is the difference between these two words? Thanks in advance and congratulations on your wedding!!

Here is the difference. "Either" and "neither" are both singular adjectives meaning "one or the other, out of two options." BUT "Neither" means "not the first option and not the second option."


I can either _______________ (provide two options to choose from).
You can either eat your supper or go hungry.

I __________ (negative action or statement) either.
I didn't enjoy the party either.


Neither_________(two situations or objects that did something or experienced something.
Neither of us were able to sleep last night.

TIP: If you see a sentence that contains a negative...I didn't like the movie ________ (you have to use either). WHY? Because if you use neither it becomes a double negative.

Fill in the blanks

1) I didn't enjoy the party ________ (either or neither).

2) (either or neither) _____________ of us like going to Ikea.

3) You can (either or neither)_____________ apologize to your mother, or go to your room.

4) He doesn't like you (either or neither) _____________


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Oct 13, 2014
Neither being singular
by: Anonymous

That IS what the article says. Meaning that neither refers to each object individually.

May 24, 2011
"Neither" is singular
by: Anonymous

Neither of us WAS able to sleep last night. Didn't the article just say before that that "neither" is singular?

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