English Grammar for Beginners

Chapter 1: Greetings
Train your Ear!

Press play and listen to the audio below.

English grammar for beginners can be fun and easy to learn.

1) Look at the picture.
2) Listen to the audio. 
3) Say the words with the audio.


Hi and hello are simple and easy.  Hi is a shorter version of hello.

Good + (time of day reference) is a great expression.  You can use good with morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Here is a good question.  How are you?  

Another simple question is "How is it going?".  This is asking about your life or the activity you are doing at the time.  (In the photo above I was canoeing with my husband.  I lied.  I said it was going great but I hated it!)

There are many ways to say good-bye.  

Your Turn!

Imagine we are speaking to each other.  Respond to what I say in the next five examples.  There are several correct answers for each.

Please note:

It is going = It's going
How is it going = How's it going?
I am ok = I'm ok

This is called a contraction and it is very common and natural. Try to contract frequently when speaking. It sounds very natural! :) 

Contractions make it difficult to understand native speakers sometimes. If you are comfortable with contractions when you first start to learn English, you will probably learn faster and be more comfortable interacting with fluent English speakers.

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Study Tip: Try to do small things at a time. Learn small bits of Grammar and use them frequently. Make sure that you are always comfortable with what you have learnt and remember to try and listen and speak as well. (Writing and reading is not everything!) 

- Diana :) 
Remember that learning English can take a long time, so enjoy the ride!

Possible answers for "Your Turn!"
5) See you later, Good-bye, Bye, Bye bye...
4) It is going __________ (great, well, ok...)
3) Good afternoon
2) I am ________ ( Ok, good, great, horrible, tired, hungry...)
1) Hi, Hello, Good _________ (morning afternoon or evening)

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