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Lesson 3: The Weather

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You have been searching online for easy English lessons for beginners and here is one about the weather.  When you meet someone on the street or need to create "small talk" the weather is the #1 best way to get started.

In some countries (Spain for example) they find this very strange.  Speaking about the weather is not something that most Spaniards do, but in many English speaking countries --especially England and Canada-- the weather is how we "break the ice" and start a conversation.

Let's look at how to ask questions and describe the weather.

1) Look at the picture.

2) Listen to the audio.

3) Say the words with the audio.



Here we are making a statement or describing the weather.  Imagine that you look out the window.  "It is __________".  We also contract "it +is" to it's.

Now a question.  You do not know what the weather is like outside, so you ask a colleague or a friend.  "What is the weather like?"  We contract "What + is" to form "what's".  This is a good question for when you are getting dressed.  Do you need a jacket or a sweater?  What's the weather like?

More statements of how the weather is or what it is like outside.


Your Turn!

Look at each picture below and answer the question.  Describe what the weather is like in each picture.  For a sample answer listen to the audio below each image.

What's the weather like?

How's the weather?

What's it like outside?


You now know some basic weather vocabulary!

Keep practising these questions and descriptions until they come to you easily.

-Diana :) 

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