How to Prepare for your
English Online Classes

When I announced that I would be offering English online classes, many people wanted to learn more.  Especially about what they would need in order to participate in an online class.

Dear Diana:

I just learned about your online classes with your students. 

The only problem is that to contact through this kind of interaction (webinar/web conference)seems difficult for me, as my computer may not correspond to the newest advances in the field of computing.

Therefore, let me know everything about how to prepare for taking part in your new virtual medium approach. 

I look forward your esteemed reply in connection with this matter.

Kind regards,


What do you need to do to prepare for an English online class?

English online classes are very similar to offline classes, in terms of what you will be studying and able to learn.  The main difference is the technology and hardware required for online classes.

In person classes require that you go to your class (you visit your teacher or they visit you).

One of the main advantages for online classes is that you do not need to leave your house or office.

Hardware Checklist

  1. A computer with a fast Internet connection.  This is the most important requirement for online classes.  If your Internet connection is not fast enough you will experience audio cuts and un-synchronized visual aids.  
  2. To ensure a fast connection, use a direct cable connection rather than Wifi whenever possible.  Wifi is less reliable and slower than having a connection that uses a cable directly to your Internet router.
  3. Microphone and headphones or a headset that combines both.  This will allow you to hear me and for you to speak to me as well.  
  4. Webcam.  This will allow me to see you and create a more "face-to-face" experience for the classes.
I currently use a Logitech QuickCam Orbit but you can use any webcam you like.

Software Checklist

This can be confusing for students sometimes but generally speaking you will not need to download or install any software in order to have an English class online.  

For example, with (the platform I will be using for my premium classes) all you need to do is visit the class link in your browser (chrome, explorer etc) and everything you need is already there.

Sometimes you will need to update a particular application in your computer, like adobe flash or a browser plug-in but usually your browser will have help windows to explain where to find them and how to install them.

Skills to Use an Online Classroom Platform

Many students who have never had online classes are worried about the "user experience" or if they will know how to do everything once they are in the classroom.  

A good teacher will always start a lesson series by dedicating a portion of the first class (or even the entire class) to introducing students to the platform and showing them how to use ever aspect.

You will learn how to use the chat space, how to interact with the teacher (raise your hand etc), how to activate your microphone and webcam and much more.

Trust your teacher.  They are comfortable with the online environment and it is their job to make you feel just as comfortable. 

If you have any questions while you are in the classroom...ask!  

Teachers need to know when you are confused or don't know how to do something.  Asking questions shows that you are participating and interested, but also allows you to clarify your doubts.

I hope that you now feel more confident about attending English online classes, and if you would like to have classes with me, just click here for more information.

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