Entertainment in this Century

by heng
(phnom penh)

Nowadays, science is really updated. From day to day, technology and society are really updating to depend on the country. Besides working, studying or doing any activities, Entertainment is the important thing in the stressful human life.

Entertainment is a kind of medicine for humans who want to relax and reduce stress. Some people usually hangout and enjoy some meal with their friend. Furthermore, some Entertainment also includes the Internet, television, music, phone etc...

Nowadays, almost everyone in the world is using Internet; using Internet is really helpful for us, but it’s also having some disadvantages too. Fist of all, Internet is seemed as a big library that contained huge amount of information that available on it such as law document, Music, Technology, Techniques support, and etc.

We can almost find any type of data and subject that you are looking for by using search engines like Google, yahoo, msn, etc. And it works 24 hours a day - 7 days a week; so we can search whatever you want.

You can also do shopping by using Internet. It is really easy ; you just stay anywhere around the world and using Internet to select what you want to buy, fill in some forms and click OK is enough. After a few days, you will get your ordered directly to your home. Every product is needed to pay in credit card, cheque and another.

Next advantage of Internet is emailing. E-mail is free and works really fast –just a few seconds-compared to telephone (SMS), fax and postal service. However, some big files ; they needed to charge a little, but it’s stilly cheap in comparison to another. You can email whatever you want, movies, photos, songs, computer programs.

However, around the world, for example, from Cambodia to United State or China. For a really cool thing of Internet is Online Chatting; we can use it to meet new people, making new friends along the world but sometime, we are really difficult to satisfy which one is a good person.

Besides a lot of advantages, the Internet has some disadvantages too. First of disadvantage is that people who spend too much time sitting in front of computer can easily be getting ill and they also effect on your eyes because the screen’s light of computer is harmful for your eyes.

Second disadvantage is bad for some people who use Internet to search in bad thing and in another hand; some of the people can be addicted by Internet. They just need Internet to having fun, making friends, and they can be forget their studying, and some works.

Television today, there are millions of people usually watch TV in their free time or their relaxing time. There ‘much entertainment that includes in TV such as Drama, Music, Shows, news, and any science (discovery of the earth) too. In addition, there're many wonderful channels and show that gain us a lot of knowledge such as in Discovery channel “Are you smarter than the fifth grader!” And etc …

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