First Best Friend

by Nia
(hanoi, vietnam)

Here name is

Here name is "Ice-Cream"

One day, my mother brought home a puppy. It had two big reddish-yellow ears and a black nose. My mother said that it was 2 months old and of course I had been was now her older sister because I was 4 years old. I felt to so much pride from that promotion.

My dad made a nice dog house and put my puppy in it. He announced that it should sleep and eat in its house. I called the dog was Candy. Some days later, I had changed its name was to Ice-cream, after I realized that I liked eating Ice-cream more than Candy.

Ice-cream had became my first best friend because it had never bullied me or argued with me as like my friends at in our hamlet. It had never complained to my mom about anything. I though that was the difference between a best friend and normal friend; a simple comparison by a little girl.

One day, my father had to go away on business. I was happy because I had got Ice-cream out of the cage. My mother became busier, she couldn't take care of Ice-Cream and me I like before. I was attached to Ice-cream all day long. We even slept and ate together. We went to neighbor’s house and Ice-cream met some others dogs. She looked happy with her new friends.

My father came back after one week of business. I spoke about Ice-cream's new friends fervently, but of course, I didn't say that my puppy slept on my bed.

My father was surprised because he found to find some lice in my hair, and my punishment was to learn how to count from one to ten, in a day. That was not easy, but I could do it after I found the best way to do it; which was counting the hairs on Ice-Cream's moustache of Ice-cream.

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Comments for First Best Friend

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Aug 22, 2009
I vs. Me ?
by: minhthien

in the story:
"My mother became busier, she couldn't take care of Ice-Cream and me/ I like before"

in the story the word "me" was crossed and "I" was inserted (as correct?!)

I think the other way round? I looks so obvious?

If you take Ice-cream the dog out of the sentence how would you say it?

"My mother became buiser and she couldn´t take care like before." So if you add the dog back in, we would say... " My mother became buiser and she couldn't take care of Ice-cream and I like before".

Mar 16, 2009
Wonderful & Thank you
by: Nia

In March 2008 I started a website to help ESL learners learn and use English. I wanted Dear Diana/webmaster,

I'm very surprised and happy after receiving comments about my writing. Your web is really interesting and useful.

Yours truly,


Hi Nia,

I'm glad that you are enjoying my website and I hope that it is helping you. Feel free to write more stories to really improve and strengthen your writing. You write very well! Keep up the great work, and I look forward to your next story!

All the best,
Diana Tower

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