Gordi: A Story about my Sweet Dog


Gordi is a sweetheart!

Gordi is a sweetheart!

I want to talk about my pet. It's a simple issue for beginning topic to start with but it has changed my life enough a lot and it deserves to be immortalized. Her name is Gordi, as I wrote at in the title, because it her was called like that by its first owner called her that.

This story starts in July 2003, when I came to Alicante for living to leave. I love animals, and I had always had wanted to have a dog, but my parents hadn't for hygiene reasons.

My husband and me I looked for a little dog in a dog pound, but we didn't find any we liked. Then, although we didn't like pet shops very much, we visited one. The shop assistant put a little teckle on puppy in my hands, and it falled fell asleep in few minutes...it was so pretty than I couldn't give put it back into its cage! It had black hard hair and brown legs. Its eyes were black too...

We have taken care of her (she is a pretty female) for almost six years. Her birthday is on the 11th May and we're thinking about a worthy present.

In this very moment she is on my lap right now, knocking my arm for being to be stroked. She sends a kiss for you ;)

Hi Sonia,

What a great story! Gordi is very cute. I like how she is laying in the photo. She looks very innocent and happy. :) I don't have a dog but in Canada I have a pet bird named Birdy. He is green and yellow and can say things. He normally just says his name and "I love you". It is quite funny.

Keep up the great work Sonia!


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Jul 22, 2009
My Puppy
by: Uyen

What a nice story , I would like to kiss Gordi too, She looks very pretty lovely in the photo . I have a Puppy , she is just 3 moths age ...She has black short hair , her four legs are brown and black eyes , She looks very innocent lovely cute , She usually walking with me in the early Morning as exercise..=.=

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