Grammar Check Software

by Carmen

Grammar Check Software:  Scam?

Grammar Check Software: Scam?

I've been thinking about buying some grammar check software for a while but I am not sure if I should. Do these programs really help correct your grammar?

I've seen many different programs on the market, including WhiteSmoke, but when I used the free trial it corrected things that were 100% correct (I check my grammar reference book) and it was hard to remove from my computer. I think WhiteSmoke is a scam!

Are these types of programs actually useful or is it just another tool to waste my money on? What should I use instead?

What do you think Ola? Have you ever used any grammar check software? What do you think about them?

Looking forward to hearing your opinion and it's great to have access to your grammar knowledge! Thanks!

All the best,

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Jan 14, 2012
Whitesmoke most definitely a scam
by: Anonymous

Something called Whitesmoke search engine installed itself on my computer, took over all my file associations so I couldn't use any programs, and was very difficult to remove.

I spent several days repairing the damage and still find traces. To be fair, I can't swear that this is the same Whitesmoke, but I would be VERY cautious about this software.

Google other people's experiences carefully with ANY software, and if you see Whitesmoke bundled with another program, don't just uncheck it, get out of that installer immediately!

Dec 22, 2010
Is WhiteSmoke a scam?
by: John

What I love the most about WhiteSmoke, is every time I get on the chat line with them, I get this mysterious Jessica.

Below, I have included the conversation that I conducted with Jessica, the sales rep.

By the way, the personal e-mail I gave in dialogue is a dummy I created to see if Jessica would provide me with info or verify her authenticity.

Below is the WhiteSmoke chat I had on Dec. 22 at about 3:30 p.m. . . .

A WhiteSmoke operator will be with you in just a moment.

Jessica: Welcome to WhiteSmoke, May I assist with any questions?

Jessica: hi again

Jessica: Sorry, we were cut off.

You: Ah, it is Jessica again.

Jessica: yes

You: I can't seem to get to any license agreement.

Jessica: what do you mean?

You: I want to read the license agreement before I commit to purchase.

Jessica: you can read that at the website.

You: Send link please

Jessica: one moment


Jessica: you found that?

You: Busted.

You: I found some complaints. I will send you the links.



Dec 22, 2010
Is WhiteSmoke a scam?
by: John

Jessica: well, you can believe that or you can trust me,

Jessica: your decision.

Jessica: Anyway, at any point you during the first 30 days you may ask for a full refund.


You: This one is a bit more positive.

Jessica: Like I said, your decision.

You: Still deciding. Bare with me.

Jessica: ok

Jessica: I will be able to reduce that to $59.95 if it helps.

You: Everything helps, but I am still waiting on the license agreement. Did I miss it. Scrolling back.

Jessica: I have no document like that.

Jessica: Are you here?


You: Then you may have lost a sale. All software has a license agreement, and if you don't have one for me to see, a sale is unlikely, particularly since you are sweetening the deal, and I have no way of verifying your authenticity or your authority to do so. Do you see where I stand?


Dec 22, 2010
Is WhiteSmoke a scam?
by: John

Jessica: ok, let me check again

Jessica: ok, I will give you the link

Jessica: for the agreement.

You: This one is the best. You have got to read this one.



You: Did you look at some of the links. Any response to these claims? In your defense, they are several years old and I would hope you have remedied these problems in the last few years.

Jessica: this is the agreement.

Jessica: We are working and changing the software all the time.

You: Silly you. This is advice from WhiteSmoke how to write and end user license agreement, but not the agreement for the product itself, or am I misreading this?

Jessica: oops, sorry.


See next section . . .

Dec 22, 2010
Is WhiteSmoke a scam?
by: John

I don't want be liable, but didn't get a good feeling about this operaton and wasn't satisfied by the simplest verfication requests.

Check out the "scam claim links" I interspersed throughout the conversation to get a picture of on-going product and customer satisfaction complaints all the way back to 2008.

Sorry for the typos . . . you see why I am looking for a program like this.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! ! ! and be careful shopping !

Nov 20, 2010
Something just isn't right.
by: Diana Tower

The last comment that was posted here on my site about Whitesmoke being a scam, has made me very curious.

Is whitesmoke worth the money or is it just a money making scam?

I hope to find out what the truth is but something is worth mentioning.

As I searched for "whitesmoke scam" in Google I found the EXACT same comment on the Complaints Board.

Is this a coincidence? Is someone going around the internet and posting "IT'S A SCAM" comments to make people think twice about whitesmoke?

It is interesting that the comment was anonymous.

All I know is this:

I have a copy of the whitesmoke program that I am going to use it and test it over the next week or so, to write an HONEST review of it.

I wont "sugar coat" things. If whitesmoke is not a good product, I will tell you my opinion.

For now, please be careful and do your research. KNOW what you are buying before you buy!

All the best,

Nov 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

I purchased the ?WhiteSmoke? software/ online access in good faith for $139 due to high advertising ratings. This software is considering the best winning grammar checker with dishonest, fabricated and false advertising.

This company is making Allegedly False and Misleading claims about the product and services and needs to be prohibited from practicing.

I asked to get my money back as they stating, ?within 30 days money back guarantee? and all I get is computer generated emails.

Please help! This company is betraying public trust for falsifying and misrepresenting their product. Thanks for your attention.
Dear Anonymous,

Your situation worries me. I have seen some posts like yours on other forums and I would like to know more about your situation.

Could you please give me more details? What claims is "whitesmoke" making that are not true?

I have seen Whitesmoke advertised on many reputable sites (and am about to review the product myself) and I would like to know more about this.

Also, regarding the refund, you could try using the online chat on the homepage. I had a question about the product (because it does not work with AVG anti-virus software) and I was helped instantly.

I look forward to learning more about this and I will help you in any way that I can.

All the best,
Diana Tower

Nov 01, 2010
Finding a grammar check
by: Luigi Squeo

I believe you are wasting your time, looking for grammar check software.

The best way to improve is by reading and repeating several times since you speak without thinking.


Oct 31, 2010
WhiteSmoke: No complaints so far
by: Anonymous

I have an older version of WhiteSmoke that I never got around to upgrading. I haven't really come across anything bothersome to be honest. It catches most of my mistakes and at the end of the day it IS a machine so I can't expect it to be 100% accurate.

The idea behind it is that it's for people who have a basic knowledge of the English language, or at least that's what I think anyway - I might be wrong. I just think that someone has to have enough knowledge to know what corrections to choose.

Either way I think it's a good backup system for people who write a lot - I miss a lot of my mistakes simply because I either don't have time or I just fail to see my own typos.

I would recommend having a good writing software, or grammar checker on your computer - besides the general one that Microsoft Office supplies, and out of the three that I tried (Ginger, Grammarly, and WhiteSmoke) WhiteSmoke
was the best.

Oct 30, 2010
My Impression of WhiteSmoke
by: Diana Tower

I just wanted to add my two cents on this topic. Like Ola, I tried the WhiteSmoke free trial several years ago but I found that it didn't really correct my mistakes appropriatly.

Maybe the full paid version provids better corrections and explanations (which I think I might try using) but I agree with Ola, Microsoft Word is good. In fact, I use it everyday to double check my spelling (yes...I make mistakes too!)

There might be better options out there. I'm sure there are many options on the internet that you could use.

I searched for "free grammar check" in Google and I found which is a free tool that also has a premium service (which you must pay for).

Things like these might be useful (or just using Microsoft word or Open Office - a free program very similar to MS Word).

Does anyone else have any comments about this? I'd be interested to hear more abouy whitesmoke and what you all think about it.


Oct 30, 2010
I tried the trial version of WhiteSmoke...
by: Ola Zur

Hi Carmen,

I tried the trial version of WhiteSmoke in the past, and I was not satisfied. The problem was that in the trial version the software marked the mistakes, but didn't show any explanations or corrections. So I didn't have enough data to evaluate whether it was good, or completely unnecessary. So I uninstalled it from my PC.

The other tool I've used was Microsoft Word.
It can be very helpful with spelling and grammar. It won't fix each and every grammar mistake, though.

Other than that I don't have much experience with English grammar checkers.

Has any of you tried some and can give recommendations?

Ola Zur is the editor of, an illustrated guide to English.

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