Grammar: Might vs Must?

Could you explain the difference between the use of "might" and "must"? How do you use them in context?

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Apr 24, 2011
Might vs Must
by: Ola Zur


Well, there is a big difference between these two words.

"Might" typically shows POSSIBILITY. Meaning, it is possible for something to happen. The word "may" also shows possibility, but "might" is a bit weaker.

Here are some examples:

It might rain tomorrow. (Meaning: it is possible but I'm not sure at all.)
He might come and visit us on Sunday.
This might not be such a good idea.

Now, "must" has several meanings, which are different from the above.

1. "Must" shows that you have to do something. It is your obligation.
For example: You must pay your taxes. (Meaning: you have to pay your taxes. You have no choice.)

2. "Mustn't" (must not) shows that you are not allowed to do something.
For example: You mustn't be late. (Meaning: you are not allowed to be late.)

3. "Must" is also used to show that something is a logical conclusion.
For example: He left 2 hours ago, and it takes 30 minutes to get there, so he must be there already. (Meaning: it is logical that he is there already.)

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Apr 20, 2011
Must, Might
by: Selma

There is a gradation between them. It's from possibility (Might) to obligatory (Must),
Such as jugment and guess, it is used in many forms.

These comments allow us to brush-up our minds.

Thank you.

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