by Chandan
(India, Delhi)

Which of the following sentences is correct and why?

Could you please help provide the same?


Could you please help providing the same?

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May 06, 2011
by: Tu

Thank you Ola Zur,
First, thanks for your answer.

Second, for your link is very helpful. I learn much about gerund and infinitive. I found many things to study!

May 06, 2011
by: Ola Zur


Tu, you are partially right.

Please have a look at the following link:

It describes very nicely the proper uses of the verb "help."

Here are the points which are relevant to our discussion:

1) help + in + Ving


I need your help in painting the room.

She asked for my help in selling the car.

They will help us in organizing the event.

2) help + to + V
help + V
(In other words, you can omit the "to")


He helped to make dinner / He helped make dinner.

We will help to find the right place / We will help find the right place.

I will help you to study for the exam / I will help you study for the exam.


The correct sentences would be:
"Could you please help provide the same?"


"Could you please help to provide the same?"


"Could you please help in providing the same?"

Click her for more data on using gerunds and infinitives.

Apr 27, 2011
My I right?
by: Tu

I would use this:
Could you help providing the same?
Because help is a verb, and I think behind help is V-ing!

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