Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?

by Nafis

It was at midnight in a hot summer. My cousins and I were talking about a book depicting a ghost. A picture of which was in the book that we always looked at it and discussed on it.

-How did the photographer take that picture? We cannot see the ghosts. How did he see?
-I do not know but, as you can see in this picture, he did it.
-What kind of camera did he have?
-I guess it was not a regular camera.

Then, we all looked at the picture. The picture was very interesting for us. It was like a white sheet that narrows in the neck area with two gray holes on the face. Behind the ghost, the photographer in the black suit was shooting. This was the first questionable image of the ghost that I had ever seen in my life.

The darkness of the room and the shade of the trees in front yard doubled the fear. The house was also big and the sound of the wind was flowing in the chimney saying hooo hooo hooo.

As we were talking, I suddenly saw a white substance which came toward me. It looked like that horrible picture!

-Oh, my God! This is a real ghost, I whispered.

My heart was about to stop. I was not able to move. I only hid under my pillow. So did my cousins. Meanwhile, I heard a noise and saw a light which came from the bathroom. I remembered some old stories in which all ghosts and elves live in the bathrooms. Consequently, this intensified my fear.

Shortly afterwards, my older cousin said: “Do not be ridiculous! It cannot be a real ghost!” Then, she got up to see what was going on. We all asked her to stay with us but, she refused and went out of the room.

Once again, I heard the same noise and saw the light came from the bathroom. My cousin was in front of the bathroom looking for the source of the noise. Our eyes were opened wide with fear and we stared at her in order to know what would happen next.

In the middle of the dark night, a loud laughing sound broke the silent. We were surprised and went out to see what happened. My cousin was laughing when she saw her father coming back from the bathroom. In fact, he wore a white pyjama and darkness of the room had hidden his face and feet. So, we could only see his white pyjama and we mistakenly thought he was a ghost!

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Jun 05, 2009
by: Kidwriter

You should be aware to the collocations. For example, the word "house" often goes with large rather than big. So you should write "The house is also large and the wind blows in chimney making sound hoo..."

However, your writing is far better than mine.

Jun 05, 2009
by: salim

The way you write is really amazing. This story is like one of those thriller stories that appeared in the sixties and seventies.

You followed the right shape of stories, with a plot and all.

Reading your story, one feels more and more excited to see the next action or movement.

All in all, you wrote a good story (even if one feels like it was written by a young person, because it's full of innocence).

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