How to Improve My English for a Job?

by Gajanan

My name is Gajanan. I am living in India. My native language is Hindi and Marathi.

Here is my educational background:
B.A. (Bachelor in Arts), M.A. (Master in Arts in Sociology), B.M.C.J. (Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism), M.A.M.C.J (Master in Mass Communication and Journalism), D.B.M. (Diploma in Business Management)and now doing M.Phil in Mass Communication and Journalism and I am working in a Newspaper BUT my English isn't good.

I want to make Social documentaries in English and want to join an English newspaper or the United Nations but I am not good in English. I need a website or person who can find my grammatical mistake.

Any suggestions?

Your website is very helpful for English learners as well as for making their positive attitude, decision making or etc.

Madam you have a noble vision for Education.
My best wishes for your Goals and Life

Take Care
God bless you and your family
Hi Gajanan,

Your situation is (sadly) very common. You are very educated and have accomplished so many great things but your goals to work in an English newspaper are being held back by your English.

This is something that I hear of frequently and let me be honest with you. There is no quick fix to your situation.

The reality is that you must work hard to improve your English. You must find activities that you

enjoy so that you can spend hours and hours performing them.

As you want to improve your writing I would highly recommend This is a free website where you can have your "skills" accessed by your peers.

Native English speakers will comment on your writing and speaking skills. It really is something that might help you.

That being said, the best way to improve your English is to focus on all the ways you use English.

Read in English
There is so much material online that you can read in English that it can be hard to choose what to use.

Read something that is interesting and useful for you. Do you want to learn how to improve your memory? Learn about that in English?

Write in English
Join my social network and start writing in your blog. The more you write the better you will write. The more you read the better your grammar will be too.

Speak in English
You need to speak to others or even to yourself when you are alone. Get used to talking to people (or yourself). It is a combination of muscle use and practice.

Listen to English
Go online and find some interesting podcasts to help you enjoy English. Learn about new things while you listen to English.

I hope that this helps you and that you keep trying to improve.

All the best,

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Oct 24, 2010
by: Gajanan

Thanks Madam for your helpful tips!

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