How to Use Frequency Adverbs

by weer welar
(Libya, Khoms)

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

Is there a Grammar rule, to know how to sort adverbs?

Example :- I often go by car to school.
Could I say : (I go often by car to school.)

- Other frequency adverbs. (Often, usually, frequently, seldom, occasionally, sometimes, always, never and usually)
Hi Weer Welar,

This is a good question. How do you know where to put the frequency adverb? (Frequency adverbs describe how often or how frequently you do something).

In the first example you provided, your frequency adverb "often" is in the correct place (before the verb).

One thing you should try to do is make your sentences more direct.

Rather than saying "you go somewhere by car", what is one verb for that action? Drive.

Go by plane = fly

Go by foot = walk

Go by bus = take the bus

By using a direct verb, rather than "go", you will make your English much more natural.

Some examples

I often drive to the beach.

I often fly to Canada.

I often walk to the bank.

To answer your second question:

Could I say : I go often by car to school. No you can't.

You need to put the frequency adverb before a verb.
I often drive to school, would be the best option.

Another option: End Positioning

You could also place the frequency adverb at the end of the sentence, if you would like to emphasize the frequency.

I drive to work often.
I walk to the beach sometimes.
I ride my bike home usually.


Put the adverb infront of the verb or at the end of the sentence for emphasis.

Feel free to write some examples in a comment below and I'll make sure you understand correctly.

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Apr 07, 2009
How to Use Frequency Adverbs
by: weer welar

Thanks a lot.

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