"I" vs "Me" English Grammar

by Daniela

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

We say: My husband and I went to the movie or Me and my husband went to the movie. Why do we use I in one sentence and me in the other ?

Please help me :)
Hi Daniela,
This is a very common question, the usage of "I" and "me". Many people use them incorrectly, even native speakers, which makes it hard to know how to use them correctly.

Looking at your examples, the first is correct. My husband and I...the second one is not grammatically correct...but many people say it.

Let me explain the difference to you and why the second example is not grammatically correct.

I is the first person singular subject pronoun, which refers to the person performing the action of a verb.

I like to go to the gym every day.
That is the one I need.
Megan and I went to high school together.

Me is an object pronoun, that refers to the person that the action of a verb is being done to.

My doctor told me not to go to the gym.
The student needed to speak to me.
If you ask me, I think it is a bad idea.

Here are some examples. Should you use I or me?

1) ____ (I/Me) would like a glass of water.

2) Would you like ____ (I/Me) to call your mother?

3) My father and ____ (I/Me) like to go to Tim
Hortons (a coffee shop in Canada).

4) Did you tell ____ (I/Me) to bring your book?

5) Why is he looking at ____ (I/Me) like that?

6) Paco and ____ (I/Me) are getting married in August.

1) I 2) Me 3) I 4) Me 5) Me 6) I

Another thing to note is that in your example you
are talking about two people. Your husband and you.

Here is a trick to know when to use I or Me when you are speaking about two people.

She told Mr.Bauer and ____ (I/Me) to go outside.

If you don't know just remove the other person and talk about yourself.

She told ____ (I/Me) to go outside.

You know you should use me in this case, so you would use me in the previous case as well.

She told Mr.Bauer and me to go outside.

Try these examples:

1) Marissa and ____ (I/Me) go out every Friday night.

2) Angela told Marissa and ____ (I/Me) to meet her outside the post office.

3) Paco and ____ (I/Me) live in a wonderful apartment.

4) Monoli and ____ (I/Me) go to the same gym.

5) Monoli invited Paco and ____ (I/Me) over for dinner.

1) I 2) Me 3) I 4) I 5) Me

I am going to be honest with you Daniela... Sometimes I might say, Monoli invited Paco and I over for dinner, but that is grammatically incorrect.

I think that is why this point is sometimes difficult to grasp, because you will hear native speakers saying it incorrectly.

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Have a wonderful day!

- Diana :)

Comments for "I" vs "Me" English Grammar

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Oct 03, 2014
by: angel

If I post a picture of me with my boys do I say my boys and me or my boys and I?

Hi Angel,
I totally understand your confusion Angel. The correct answer would be my boys and me or me and my boys. Just think about it...if you removed the picture and you were in the picture alone, how would you refer to the picture?

This is a picture of me...(Correct).
This is a picture of I...(not this one).

I hope this helps.

Aug 10, 2012
Me or I
by: Walt

We have a disagreement in our office. The message said: "Count us in; Linda and I".

Some would say this is incorrect, and should say "Count us in, Linda and me".

Can you clarify this for us?
Thanks in advance for your response!

Ohhh...this is a good question. I am sure that both sides believe that they are correct and so many people say this incorrectly that it sounds almost normal now. ;)

The correct version is with me.

The easiest way to test this is to remove the other person and think, "how would I say this if I were the only person involved?"

In this case we would say, "Count me in" so the correct version is "Linda and me".

Feb 02, 2012
The official answer is incorrect.
by: Anonymous

Would you say:
Please lunch with us
Please lunch with we

Our guests and I ==> WE
Our guests and me ==> US

Our guests may be substituted with them or they

The following are correct:
Please lunch with our guests.
Please lunch with them.
Please lunch with me.
Please lunch with us.
Please lunch with our guests and me.

The following are incorrect:
Please lunch with I.
Please lunch with we.
Please lunch with they.
Please lunch with our guests and I.

What do you think?

Oct 16, 2011
you didnt listen to the video correctly
by: Anonymous

I just watched the video you linked to and the man said you should use the objective pronoun for that sentence.

Please lunch with our guest and ME
Thus following the rules expressed on this page.

Jul 14, 2011
Do not agree with content
by: Anonymous

There is youtube video -

The problem was:
Please lunch with our guests and _____

As per information provided here on the website, I can remove the other person and just say:
Please lunch with ME.

So answer should be
Please lunch with our guests and ME.

However, as per the video, I should be used for Nomination whereas ME for Accusation.
Hence, the Official Answer is
Please lunch with our guests and I.

With contradictory answers, it is I who is stumped.

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