Interpersonal Communication

by Anonymous

In today’s workforce it is very important to maintain professional communication skills. This project gave me the opportunity to demonstrate and analyze my listen techniques.

On April 17th I chose to examine a conversation between myself and my mother. We had a discussion regarding the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. I also analyzed a conversation that took place at my office with my supervisor regarding the new worker in my department. This conversation took place on April 21st. Both conversations lasted approximately 15 minutes.

During the first conversation with my mother I felt very relaxed. We discussed the main characters of the movie, Brad Pitt and Taraji P. Henson; I maintained eye contact for 5 to 10 seconds at a time, as I leaned back in my chair. My facial expression during the conversation was a smile. The conversation went smoothly with my mother being that I have high level of comfort with her. My behavior during the conversation was appropriate given our relationship.

During the second conversation with my supervisor I felt uncomfortable and nervous. We discussed whether or not the new hires were working out. My sitting position during this conversation was slumped down in the chair in. I was looking down at the desk with my leg and arms crossed and often with my hands on my face throughout the conversation.

My behavior during the conversation was inappropriate. Given it is a professional setting I should have looked my supervisor in the eyes sat up straight not touched my face and arms and legs should not have been crossed. My sitting position was in an unattractive manner.

This exercise has given me insight into my profession communication skills. One of my weak points was not maintaining eye contact, this may have conveyed to my speaker that I was not interested in the information that they were sending.

Also I should have sat forward during the conversations this would have nonverbally expressed to the speaker of my confidence and sincere interest in the conversation. In the second conversation I should have not touched my face and kept my hands in a neutral position.

Other weakness I observed in the second conversation was not making direct eye contact. By make eye contact for 5 to 10 second at a time would have been able to express confidence. One good thing that I noticed was that I kept a relaxed and pleasant facial expression in both conversations. By keeping a relaxed and pleasant genuine smile expresses pleasure and put people at ease.

I intend to maintain my strong skills and improve my weak skills by practicing daily. Ways to improve facial expression, gestures and posture would be practice speaking in front of a mirror, standing and walking with my shoulders back and relaxed and also try not to lose eye contact for more than 30 seconds. To keep nonverbal skills effective I need to take time to practice them on a daily basis.

This project has allowed me to identify areas that need improvement in my listing skills through nonverbal behaviors. I am now able to demonstrate positive listing skills when I feel comfortable through practice and attention to detail I will be able to master these skills.

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