-ise vs -ize

Why are there different spellings?

Why are there different spellings?

Realise, realize

Analyse, analyze
Color, colour

When we say these words, the listener won't know exactly which one we're saying.

The difference becomes apparent in writing even though we know that both are correct.

Which country/state widely uses "-ise" and "-ize" respectively?

Could you please provide me with a brieft list of countries?

Can you also please tell us why this difference appears?

Thanks in advance Ola for providing your explanation.

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Nov 08, 2010
American vs British
by: Ola Zur

Yes, there are indeed different spellings for the same words. "Analyse" and "analyze" are a good example.

In British English you write "analyse" and "colour."

In American English you write "analyze" and "color."

There is a good list of countries on this page.

There you can find a table with a list of words, and the spelling for different English speaking countries, which is quite useful.

Regarding the reason for these differences, let me direct you to a podcast/article that explains it rather well:

Why Are British English and American English Different?

I hope this helps :)

Ola Zur is the editor of www.really-learn-english.com, an illustrated guide to English.

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