Listening Skills: Made Interesting!

Do you need to improve your listening skills?

  • Are you frequently frustrated because you can't follow a conversation?
  • Or perhaps you are unable to speak in social situations because you have no idea what the conversation is about?
  • You are not alone. Many people have problems understanding oral English and the reason is pretty simple.

What are my best tips for improving your listening skills?

Not listening to English on a regular basis makes understanding spoken English more difficult.

If you want to improve your comprehension you need to listen more

Listen to English daily.

How are you supposed to do that?

Well you can create your own program with the resources that you have available.

Listen to the radio (download my toolbar which includes a free online radio and TV), podcasts, audio books, or anything that is in English and that is interesting to you.

Don’t listen to radio shows about cars if you are not interested in cars. Make sure that you enjoy and learn new things with the audio that you are listening to. Then you will learn even more; not just a language, but useful information, skills and ideas.

"English Express" is designed to help prepare you for the real world of English.

Life is not in the classroom, it is outside with people who speak English in a natural way.

That is why English Express presents natural English audio. Learn more...

The following listening activity is going to look at an idea presented by Carmen Colombo from

Before you listen to the story I’d like to get your mind thinking a little. So here is a question for you;

“Are you a “light” person?” Do you help others and give more than you receive? In this story Carmen explores the idea of being a “light” person; in the sense of having an inner light which you can show or hide from the world.

So sit back, relax and learn if you are a “light” person or not.

Turn Your Light On

by Carmen Colombo

Remember, listen to the audio twice (or more than that if you like). Repetition will allow you to understand more of the story, before you read. It also, prepares your ear and trains you for real life English situations strengthening your listening skills.

Ready to read the text? Have you listened to the audio at least twice? Ok...

Click here read the story in a new window.

Now I want you to try reading the story aloud with the audio
This is a great way to improve your pronunciation.

Pretend you mouth is going to the gym. It needs to get strong and the only way to do this is to use English over and over to make your English speaking muscles strong.

Click here to visit my vocabulary activities glossary, to help you understand some of the difficult words.

Something to Think About Afterwards

I believe Carmen is on to something (she’s noticed something); that there is a power within us to change our circumstances for the better. Let me explain.

Imagine that you are one of those people –a light giver- and that you know it. You know that you can help others and by doing so you bank or store light or positive energy for when you need it.

Here is a challenge; for the next day, week, month or lifetime even, you are a light giver. Yes, from this point on, you radiate positive energy everywhere you go (you can't help or stop it). When you enter a room, you own that moment.

This applies to learning English as well. When you are speaking in English, speak it without fear. You are strong and confident and a couple of mistakes do not matter in the grand scheme of things. Don’t let your mistakes hold you back.

Share your new found “light” (English) today! Who knows how you will affect the lives of others while improving your listening skills and English as well.

Start improving your listening skills now in a new way!

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