Meeting Homeless Children

by Weer Welar
(Libya, Khoms)

Street Children

Street Children

I was walking at in the city garden of city when suddenly someone catch grabbed my leg and said "please help me" and then left let it go.

At that moment, I wondered why are there are street children. what's reason that reach them up in the street? How did they end up on the street? Why don't they have a home? Where are their parents? How can we treat/solve this problem?

- I'm very poor at creating questions, so I wrote that. Thanks! (Weer Welar, you can practice your question writing in a comment below. What other questions were in your mind at that moment?)

Comments for Meeting Homeless Children

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Mar 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

sooooooooooooooooo sad
makes me cry

Mar 03, 2010
How do we help them
by: Gabs

I am a child myself and I dislike looking at kids on the street. How can we help them get a home???

Jan 13, 2010
I'm sad
by: Anonymous

I think that those kids shouldn't be living in the street that they should have a home.

Apr 27, 2009
Writing Question
by: leeraay


I don't understand some words in this story:

(1) "let it go" refer to what?

(2) If I change the sentence "I wondered why are there are street children" to "I wondered why there are street children". Is it correct? Thanks.

Hi Lee, To answer your first question, "let it go" means to release something. For example. Imagine that you are holding a bag in your hand. Then you open your fingers and the bag falls to the floor. You let it go. You let the bag go. :) Make sense?

2) You are correct! Actually, I need to mention that there are two ways to say this sentence.

"I wondered, why are there are street children?" or "I wondered why there are street children".

Notice the comma in the first option? That allows you to ask the question directly. In the second option you need to switch the verb order.


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