Need some Motivation to Learn English this year?

Do you have a lot of motivation to learn English for this new year? We all want to do better; spend more time with family, save more money, lose 10 pounds and improve your English.

Many of you might be wondering how you can improve your English. One great way is to identify your motivation to learn English. For many, motivation is hard to find so lets try to identify some sources of motivation.

Do any of these apply to you?

1-Are you living abroad in an English speaking country?

2-Do you have a native English speaker as a friend?

3-Do you need a higher level of English to get that promotion you wanted?

4-Do you want to be able to help your children learn English?

5-Do you want to learn something new?

6-To you want to be able to watch movies in the original version?

7-Do you want to travel in an English speaking country?

8-Do you know that English is the most spoken lanugage in the world and want to be a part of it?

9-Do you have to take English as a part of your education?

Did any of those situations sound familiar?

If not, Why are you learning English?

Think about this carefully because this is actually very important.

All of the points above are different forms of motivation to learn English and they help people stay committed and focused on that goal. 

Motivation, is made up of the things or reasons that make you want to do something.

There is also usually a reward associated with the motivation. What do you think the rewards are for the points above?

- The ability to communicate better, make friends and integrate yourself much more easily in a new English speaking society.

- Getting a promotion

- Helping your children learn English

- Learning something new

Watching movies in original version

Communicating confidently when travelling to foreign countries

Understanding one of the most used languages in the world of business

- Getting good grades

Why do I want you to identify your personal reasons for learning English? The answer is simple. 

If you know WHY you are learning English, you can continuously remind yourself why.

Like I have said previously, Learning English is similar to losing weight. In a moment of frustration you might think

..."hmmm one more piece of cake wont matter...but wait. Why do I want to lose weight? 

I want to lose weight so that I don't damage my joints with excess pounds on my knees and hips. I want to prevent Arthritis before it with my Mom (who has had both her hips and both her knees replaced). That is my motivation to lose weight. "So I wont have the cake...I'll have some fruit instead".

So when you are studying English and you start to struggle or get frustrated (I don't understand the movie, I can't communicate with my boyfriend's parents, or I said something wrong) just remind yourself why you are learning English in the first place.

You are learning English to better yourself.

To make your life easier.You want to travel in Canada or England confidently, you want to get the promotion you deserve, you want to live happily abroad and integrate yourself into the new society but most of all you want to learn something new.

Find your motivation to learn English and keep reminding yourself of that motivation when you get frustrated with yourself. Put a note on the wall or mirror in the bathroom to remind you as well.

Remember to stay positive and you will soon find yourself learning English. Little by little. :)

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