My ChristmasVacation

by Virgie

I spent my 2008 Christmas vacation at in my home town at Iloilo city in the Philippines. My home town is an hour away from my place if traveled by plane and 24 hours if traveled through by ship. I decided to take the a plane. The weather is was perfect so I got to enjoy my trip; it was a smooth and peaceful trip flight and my seat was near beside the window so I have enjoyed the view outside; the clouds and the sea etc...

My mother, who was eating her lunch when I arrived, was surprised by my arrival because she did not expect me to come home at Christmas time. She cried upon seeing me when she saw me. It was an overwhelming feeling of being home and seeing my mother and all my siblings after so long.

Last year's Christmas Eve was, I think the most happiest and most memorable time for me. Our whole family was complete. My sisters, brothers and their own families were there. The gift giving, and the excitement I saw on my nephews and nieces faces while opening their gifts was a really wonderful feeling.
What a nice story! I remember last year I surprised my friend Megan. She thought I was coming home in June but I ended up going home in November. You can imagine her surprise when she opened her door and saw me standing there; Diana, who should have been in Spain but who was standing at her back door in Canada. It was great! :)

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Sep 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

Dear Diana,
I am so happy for your writing, because it has helped me alot. Thanks
All the best.

Apr 23, 2009
Thank you Diana
by: virgie

Hello Diana! Thank you so much for taking the time to correct my grammar. I really appreciate it. I am really inspired by what you've done. It encourages me more to write to your site and I know that I will be learning from you.

Thank you once again...

You are very welcome Virgie. I am sad to close the writing lessons but I hope my new e-book will help lots of people improve their writing. It will be available in a couple months. :) cheers - Diana

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