My First Car Accident

by Mohammed El-majdoub
(Tripoli, Libya)

A picture of myself

A picture of myself

A story about a man's first car accident: Not only did he get rear-ended, but he was driving without a license, in his brother’s car. Find out what happened and if the police caught him.

I was driving my brother's car to university in that morning. I didn't tell him I'm was going take his car and I'll go to go to my university by it, because I didn't want to go the whole way by it at in the beginning. I just wanted to drive until I reached the road street close to the university and then park it in somewhere and take a taxi as usual.

Suddenly I changed my mind and i said "why not I drive the whole way there? go to university by it. I was very afraid and I was driving very slowly, until I needed to use a round-about.

Guess what happened?

The car in front of me stopped in the middle of a the round-about. I had to stop quickly and a few seconds later, someone hit me on the back rear-ended me. I was started shouting on at that man "you didn't you see me?", and I argued with him a lot.

Then we solved the problem before the policeman came. I hadn't had didn't have my a license yet at that time. I was lucky, because the policeman didn't catch me.

Actually, I was very scared at that the time. Now, when I remember the accident, I say to myself " I was wrong that day and I shouldn't have shouted on at him".

Don't worry, I have a license now and I drive very good well.
The End

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Comments for My First Car Accident

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Apr 02, 2009
My First Car Accident
by: Anonymous

"...Suddenly I changed my mind and I said "why not drive the whole way there? go to university by it. I was very afraid and I was driving very slowly, until I needed to use a round-about. ..."

Hi, coach, I have some question about the above sentences.
(1) "why not drive the whole way there?".
Are there any problems in the grammar?

As far as I know, know it's correct. :) Why not, is used ask a question or suggest something or an alternative. Like, why not try reading more to improve your vocabulary?

(2)What is "a round-about" meaning? Is it like "U-turn"?

A round about is a traffic circle. They are common in Europe. Rather than having an interception where two roads cross, you have four roads that meet and you navigate from one road to another via a circle.

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