Pablo's First Impressions of "Effortless English"

by Pablo Alcantara
(Huelva, Spain)

Effortless English MP3 Course

Effortless English MP3 Course

*For those of you who don't know, my brother in law, Pablo, is currently studying with "Effortless English" to see if the course actually works.

Pablo wasn't comfortable writing in English just yet, so I translated his Spanish comments into English for you.*

Hi Everyone, I'm going to answer some questions about the "Effortless English" course.

1) How do you feel while doing the course?

Very good. It has met my expectations so far (after the first week).

2) Is "Effortless English" like other English courses? Why or why not?

Effortless English is not like other courses because it focuses on only listening, in order to get used to the sound, pronunciation and way to speak English in a very relaxed way. You don't find this sort of thing with other courses that focus almost exclusively on studying grammar.

3) What is that you like the most about the "Effortless English" MP3 course?

I like the fact that I am getting used to listening to English and I am noticing that each time I use the materials I catch or understand more words and I understand everything better.

I also like how relaxed and easy the course is to do. I can listen to the course on my mp3 player when I take the bus or when I workout.

The vocabulary section is really useful and a good addition to the course because it explains the meaning of the more complicated words in a simple and easy to understand way.

4) What do you like the least about the course so far?

The first "mini-story" is maybe a little slow and repetitive, but AJ explained that it would be the first so that we can understand it more easily and answer the questions. I guess that with each level the course adapts its speed and level of difficulty for the mini-stories.

5) Are you going to keep using the course? Why or why not?

I'm going to keep using the course because my goal is to be able to have a fluid conversation in English and I believe that with this method I will be able to achieve my goal.

Other methods or courses teach you lots of grammar but leave out listening skills and pronunciation. I believe that these aspects

of English are more important because grammar isn't going to help you if you when you don't understand what others are saying or you don't know how to say what you want to say.

See you soon,

If you'd like to try Effortless English for yourself and leave your own comments or review here, just visit "" to get your copy today.

Hola todos, voy a responder a las preguntas sobre el curso, ""Effortless English"".

1) ¿Como sientes haciendo el curso?

Muy bien, se están cumpliendo mis expectativas.

2) ¿Es como otros cursos? Porque si o no?

No es como otros cursos, porque en éste se trata simplemente de escuchar, de acostumbrar el oído a la pronunciación y forma de hablar en inglés de forma relajada. Esto no se consigue con los cursos que se dedican casi exclusivamente a estudiar gramática.

3) ¿Que es la cosa que mas te gusta?

Lo que más me gusta es que estoy acostumbrándome a escuchar en inglés y noto que cada vez capto más palabras y lo entiendo mejor.

Además es un curso muy relajado y fácil de realizar, ya que lo puedo escuchar con mi mp3 cuando voy en el autobús o estoy practicando deporte.

La parte del vocabulario me parece muy acertada, porque te explica el significado de las palabras que se suponen más complicadas de una manera muy sencilla y fácil de comprender.

4) ¿Que es la cosa que menos te gusta?

La primera mini-historia es quizás algo lenta y repetitiva, pero ya te avisa que por ser la primera es más lenta para que sea más fácil de entender y así poder contestar las preguntas. Supongo que cada nivel irá aumentando la velocidad y dificultad de la mini-historia

5) ¿Vas a seguir con "Effortless English"? Porque si o no?

Voy a seguir con el curso porque mi finalidad es poder mantener una conversación fluida en inglés, y con este método creo que al final seré capaz. Otros métodos te enseñan mucha gramática pero dejan la parte que considero más importante, que es acostumbrar el oído a la pronunciación, porque de nada sirve saber mucha gramática si después no sabes que te están hablando o si no te entienden lo que quieres decir.

Hasta pronto,

If you'd like to try Effortless English for yourself and leave your own comments or review here, just visit "" to get your copy today.

Comments for Pablo's First Impressions of "Effortless English"

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Sep 30, 2012
No Updates on Pablo's Effortless English Experience
by: Anonymous

I am evaluating if it is worthy to pay for this course.

So I am kind of sad because I was expecting some more information about the evolution of Pablo with his english :(

Dear Anonymous,

I am sorry that you are disappointed. There hasn't been an update on his progress because he hasn't been using the program. Like I explained he started his Masters and also started working and stopped studying English.

This is probably the number one reason why any course does not work...because it is not used.

When you are active and actually use materials it is next to impossible not to see an improvement.

I can use myself as an example as well. I purchased a course to improve my Spanish. It is an amazing course and if I used it I KNOW that I would improve my vocabulary and listening comprehension.

So have I improved? NO.
Have I used the course? NO.

I bought the course and then never used it. So frustrating but a reality.

Many people will buy something and feel like they are working towards their goals, but if you do not create a schedule and make sure to USE the materials on a daily basis nothing will change.

So, if you are considering purchasing a course, I would say that number one factor of success is how YOU work.

Are you able to work without a teacher telling you what to do?

Can you create your own schedule and maintain it?

If so then any course will be able to help you.

If you are not able to motivate yourself then having a teacher and classes might be a better option for you.

All the best,

Sep 28, 2012
How I use Effortless English...
by: Alfred

Even though when I graduated from junior middle school, I cannot even express what I want to say with my own language(Chinese)...why? Because I am not grow up yet, I didn't need complicated word to have a conversation with people or express my idea clearly to others like I am doing now.......

From my perspective, Effortless English is good, but not perfect(however perfect means death and stands still).



1.I am more serene & confidant when I listen to English, even when I hear VOA standard.


1.Word quantity
2.word quantity
3.word quantity

Effortless + a kind of sentence dictionary(explain a word in different sentence)=====perfect..

Apr 25, 2011
Checking in With Pablo
by: Diana Tower


*Note*: Lola is Pablo's family dog. She is big and loves people and got very curious when we went outside to record this audio.

As you heard in the recording above, Pablo has not been using the course for the last couple of months :( because he is working on his masters.

This highlights one of the major reasons why a "course" does not work...when students don't make time. To be honest, if someone buys a course and does exactly what the instructions and study guide say then they will see results.

Sadly, many people start courses but then loose motivation, get busy or just don't make time.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you bought a course and only started it or used it for a short period of time?

How do you stay motivated to finish a course?

Mar 26, 2011
Update about Pablo
by: Anonymous

Hi Everyone! Diana here...I'd like to provide a quick update on Pablo's status. He was using the course but now he says he doesn't have time to.

He is doing his Masters and he hasn't been as active with the course as he would like.

I will be doing a recording update with him this month, so we will see if he has improved. His situation brings up a good point though: making time. How do you make time to use an English course? Can you give Pablo any advice?

Oct 23, 2010
Sounds Like a Good Start!
by: Anonymous

It sounds like Pablo is off to a good start. I'm curious to know what he thinks about the rest of the course.

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