Paradox Time Machine

by Lee Purdy
(Tamworth, NH)

Chapter 1: The Mission

My name is Lee Purdy and I'm 19 years old. I have freckles and red hair. I'm autistic. My Paradox Time Machine was finished, on January 29, 2011.

That day, I saw Britney Spears with blond hair and white skin, buying a ticket for the time machine. Each ticket cost $20.00. She bought a ticket.

"Next?" I said.

The next person came, and it was Estella Warren. She had blond hair and white skin. She bought a ticket.

"Next?" The next person came, and it was Hannah Meyers. She had blond hair and white skin. She bought a ticket. Everyone else came and each bought a ticket. Everyone asked "What is this? Where are we going?"; everyone but me, that is.

"Well, to the future, of course." said I responded. "This is the Paradox Time Machine! We are going to the year 3000, 500,000, and 700,000." I said. They all got on into the time machine, as they gave me their tickets.

The time machine had windows and doors, food storage, cooling and heating systems, air tanks, computers, buttons, triggers, switches, 25 seats, and 2 time machine operator seats.

The door shut tightly and sealed. The time machine powered up as I turned my key in the ignition and turned. The wormhole collectors are 1/3 of the way around the time machine, on each sides. It started spinning as I pressed the button. Lee pressed the wormhole button.

The time machine disappeared from earth. I pushed the trigger forward and the time machine went forward into time. I set the time machine to stop at the year 3000. It automatically stopped at in the year 3000.

"Welcome to the futuristic city of Tamworth. Do you want to take a tour through this of the city?" I asked.

They went to the Museum about of future living. They had screens saying which read "The future is Now."

Amanda Hayford is my second time machine operator. Amanda Hayford has brown hair and light tan colored skin. We learned how programs on windows worked at home and public places. They trained my time travelers how to control things with the window. One touch of a window can control parts of the buildings.

"Wow", I exclaimed “Where did you get these types of windows that can control things?"

"This is the future. We found out how to build liquid crystal screen windows with light," stated John Bissonnette.

My time "Cool, I want one of those!" responded the time travelers. "That will be $200.00." said John Bissonnette.

"That's pretty darn cheap" I said.

John Bissonnette had brown hair and tan colored skin.

"What's your name?" said I asked.

"My name is John Bissonnette."

"That's the same last name as Marissa Bissonnette." I noted.
"I agree" Marissa stated. Marissa has Brown hair and tan skin.

An asteroid was going to hit Mars and make an ugly crater, so the astronauts tried to push the asteroid away from Mars. Instead of the asteroid hitting Mars, the astronauts accidentally caused the asteroid to hit earth, and it wiped out 75% of places on earth and a lot of people died.

***maximum of 500 words reached***

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