Past Continuous: East Coast Beach

by Ravindar

Here is another essay practicing the past continuous! Can you spot any mistakes?

i went to beach recently, that was wonderful morning. That day i waked early morning that day.When i was waiting for the bus its took long time. Then i took taxi for my journey. When i was reach tho beach sun was rising that was exciting for me.I took photo by my cell phone which has carl-zisisnd 5 mega pixal.When i was sitting at the beach my friend called me i answered the phone,

Here are the mistakes that I found. Great work!

I went to the beach recently. That It was awonderful morning. That day Iwaked woke up early morning that day. When I was waiting for the bus it s took a long time. ThenSo I took a taxi for my journey instead. When I was approaching the beach, the sun was rising. That was really exciting. I took a photo by with my cell phone which has 5 mega pixels. When I was sitting at onthe beach my friend called me and I answered the phone.

You write very well Ravindar. One thing that I noticed was your use of articles "a" verses "the". Try to remember to include these articles because they are very important. Small but important. Also remember to capitalize "I".

As I have never spoken to you I can not tell you what level of English you have but I can tell you that you have a beginner/intermediate level of writing. Your use of the past continuous is very good. The best way to get a solid intermediate level is to practice writing frequently. Like with this writing workshop. I look forward to correcting your next assignment!


Comments for Past Continuous: East Coast Beach

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Jan 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

Dear madam,
I am very thankful to you for your corrictio corrections. Really, it is veryuseful for me. Thanks mam.

You are more than welcome. Keep up the great work! -Diana

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