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by Robin
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Can you tell me a way/trick that my ADHD 13 year old son can use to learn/memorize the prepositions?

Like a song or something? He is in 7th grade private school after being home schooled for 4 years and is really struggling in English class.


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Nov 17, 2010
by: twobsuccessfuls

As much as it sounds silly just because he is A.D.H.D. don't stress that much I too was A.D.H.D and now own and run businesses I could not read or write in school and would run away but then I found a teacher who made learning fun and he didn't push me to learn at the standard of every one else but to learn at my rate.

First look for something that interests him (and remember this is not about him learning it is about him learning to learn) make it an adventure (remember his mind works a lot faster than yours and you have to keep him on a high) or something that interests him.

You then need to get a mirror (big that he can see his whole body in) you need to have it positioned so as he can only see him self and nothing else (if he can see other things his mind will take off and he will start thinking about other things) then get him to talk to himself and out loud or read out loud. He will be comfortable but you need to stand in front of him so as not to be in the mirror and don't judge him.

If you would like to hear more contact me at twobsuccessful[at] maybe I can offer more advice. I am not a doctor I am just someone that has been there.


Nov 11, 2010
Understanding prepositions...
by: Ola Zur

Tricks such as songs & flashcards are good and fun, but they are not the first thing to do.

If you use them, they might cover the problem, instead of solving it.

Let's get to the root of it, shall we?

If your son is struggling in English class, chances are he doesn't understand the subjects.

Maybe he didn't understand a basic subject, and then each new subject you teach him gives him real trouble. For example, imagine trying to learn math, when you don't have the basis of numbers. That is practically impossible!

So here is the first tip: if you can't help your son understand a certain subject, check out the more fundamental stuff. Maybe he is missing something there?

I have a lot of experience teaching students privately and in most cases those students were studying in class subject #7, when they never really understood subject #3. And that was one of the reasons why they were "struggling"...

Now, a second tip, more relative to your specific question: make sure he really understands the subject of prepositions. What are prepositions? Why do we need them? What does each of the prepositions mean? You can use my page on English prepositions. It explains the subject in a simple language and with many illustrations.

Then you can do different activities to help him remember the words. The key point is usage. The more he uses it, the more competent he gets!

Here are some example activities you can do with him:
*Draw a few pictures demonstrating each preposition (on a tree, by a tree, into a tree, etc), use the words in sentences, use the words in conversation, use the words in made up funny stories ? the more ridicules the better!

As I said, the key point is usage. Make it fun for him and let him see that he's getting better. That is also a key point. (You can check out this article for more data on how to study vocabulary words).

A final word of advice: you mentioned your son has ADHD. You might feel that your son's difficulties in English come from this. According to my experience, this is usually not the case.

If a child can concentrate on playing computer games and basketball, he can concentrate on other things too. If he doesn't ? it could be that he is too confused, or maybe it is simply not interesting enough...

Naturally, I don't know your child, and I am answering according to the data you have written and according to my own general experience. I hope this helps.

Ola Zur is the editor of, an illustrated guide to English.

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