Prepositions and a Wallet

I'd like to know which prepositions I should be using when I talk about my wallet. I'd not sure which expression is correct, "another addition to my wallet" or "another addition in my wallet"?

Do you know any tricks to remember what prepositions to use Ola? Thanks!

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Nov 03, 2010
"To" wins...
by: Ola Zur

"Another addition to my wallet" is the correct one. However, this is not because of the word "wallet." This is because of the word "addition." The natural way is to say addition to.

For example:
"A new addition to the family?"
"The new addition to the band?"
And so forth.

Now, how can you remember such things? It all comes with practice. The best "trick" I can give you is to use a dictionary. And believe me, it's a good trick!

For example, let's say we want to find out which preposition follows the word "addition." So we go the nearest (and in my opinion the best) free online dictionary :

We check the word "addition," and you can see in bold letters that it uses the preposition "to."

I hope this helps. Otherwise, if you would like more data on the subject, check out Diana's article on which books can help you learn prepositions and visit the English prepositions section on my site :)

Diana's Favourite Online Dictionary: Cambridge Online Dictionaries: Here is another option for a great free online dictionary for advanced learners, phrasal verbs and idioms too.

Ola Zur is the editor of, an illustrated guide to English.

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