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by abdo

I need some help. I want to learn how I can ask someone questions. Please suggest some books to help me.

If you are looking to learn how to ask questions, you should start practicing every day.

It is actually very simple to practice. Just start with simple questions and then gradually incorporate more difficult grammar.

For example; imagine you have a pen. Do you think that you could ask 30 questions about that pen? I bet you could. I will give you an example.

Here are 30 questions that you can ask about a toothbrush;
(using "or" questions)

1) Is your toothbrush red or blue?
2) Does you toothbrush have a long or short handle?
3) Are the bristles white or multicolored?
4) Do you have a toothbrush holder or do you put it in a cup when you are not using it?
5) Is it a crest or Oral-B toothbrush?
6) Does your toothbrush have a wide or narrow handle?
7) Is it a brand name or generic toothbrush?
8) Is your toothbrush made of plastic or rubber?
9) Is your toothbrush new or old?
10) Is your toothbrush handle hard or flexible?
11) Did you buy your toothbrush or did your dentist give it to you?
12) Does your toothbrush fit well in your hand or is it comfortable to use?
13) Do you use your toothbrush in the morning or at night?
14) Are the bristles on your toothbrush hard or soft?
15) Is your toothbrush handle strait or curved?
16) Does your toothbrush have rubber bristles that massage your gums or just regular ones?
17) Is there writing on your toothbrush or is it blank?
18) Is the head of your toothbrush a rectangle or an oval?
19) Do you have a full sized toothbrush or a travel toothbrush?
20) Do you use your toothbrush to clean your teeth or
the toilet?
21) Do you brush your teeth or your hair with your toothbrush?
22) Do you brush you teeth in circles or up and down with your toothbrush?
23) Do you brush your teeth loudly or quietly?
24) Do you brush your tongue with your toothbrush or just your teeth?
25) Do you use hot or cold water when your brush your teeth?
26) Do you throw out old tooth brushes or use them to clean the house?
27) Do you prefer a certain brand of toothbrush or do you use any brand?
28) Is your toothbrush heavy or light?
29) Is your toothbrush handle smooth or rough?
30) Does your toothbrush clean your teeth well or poorly?

Question Challenge!

I'd like you to ask 30 questions about an object. You choose what object (pen, phone, CD, photo, calculator, lamp, clock etc...)

Post your 30 questions below in a comment.

I do not personally know of a specific book that can help you improve forming questions. I would save your money and do this.

Later on you can do the same while focusing on certain grammar points as well.

Have an excellent day!

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Have a wonderful day everyone!

- Diana :)

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