Recommend some English tv series or movies

by Barbora
(Czech Republic)

I want to ask you if you could recommend some tv series (British or American: doesn´t matter, maybe I'd rather American because... I don´t know why but I don´t understand a British sense of humor a little bit :D) or movies which will help me with my English skills...

I have already seen Friends, Gilore Girls, Gossip Girl, HIMYM and Grey´s anatomy (in my language) so I want to try something new in English and at first with English subtitles and later without them...

I have already tried tv series "Cougar town" but I don´t know if it was the right choice... there were many slang´s parts and for example I was searching translation of "you betcha" for a long time :D

But maybe it was because of the subject of this series and so on... there was another problem. I think their pronunciation was quite fast and inarticulate for me - yeah it wasn´t made for foreign watchers (me) but for Americans of course...

So do you have any advice for me?

Sorry for my mistakes but I´m not really good in English.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Barbora, Czech Republic

Hi Barbora,

This is going to be more difficult that I thought because you have already listed all of my favorite programs. Here are some other ones that you might consider.

1) Bones
The darkly amusing drama Bones is about a Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan, who works at the Jeffersonian Institution. She as the amazing ability to read clues left behind in a victim's bones. Consequently, law enforcement calls her in to assist with murder investigations when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned, or destroyed that the standard identification methods are useless. Brennan works with Special Agent Seeley Booth, a former Army sniper who mistrusts science and scientists when it comes to solving crimes.

Patricia Arquette is a young wife and mother who, since childhood, has been struggling to make sense of her dreams and visions of dead people. She now uses her talents to help the police solve crimes.

3) Private Practice
Private Practice is a spin-off of the highly popular ABC series, Grey's Anatomy starring Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery, a renowned neonatal surgeon. After realizing that her life isn't advancing at Seattle Grace, Addison moves to Santa Monica to start a new life. She reunites with her newly divorced med school friends, Naomi (Audra McDonald) and Sam (Taye Diggs), and joins them in their chic private practice.

4) Dexter
Dexter is a forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade Police Department. He is the main support for his sister. He has a steady girlfriend, with two kids who adore him. He also happens to kill people who have committed crimes and not been caught yet. He makes sure that they pay for their crimes.

What are your favorite tv series?
Leave your suggestions in a comment below!

Comments for Recommend some English tv series or movies

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Aug 23, 2010
Excellent try for foreign student
by: faliq khudadost

I was looking for the tv series friends n (and) found this page, so here are some flicks (movies) coz (because) I am a movie buff (knows movies).

Ugly truth
the 40 year old virgin
knocked up
all american pie (all parts)

Tv Series:
"Mind your language" and "Good Times".

May 30, 2010
by: Barbora

Thank you for your advice! That´s an amazing site! I will certaintly use it, it´s really good for students like me :-)

Take care and thank you for everything...

May 28, 2010
Again from me
by: Anonymous

I´m going on with Cougar town now, I like it even thought there are many slang phrases and so on... I have got more work with understand and translate them but I like this series generally so I´m trying to go on :-)

The next thing I want to ask: Could you recommend some English movies with good pronunciation and not full of slang´s sentences?

I´m sorry that I bother you with my English and movies, series and so on but I´ve found your site and I really like it and you seem to be really nice person and good teacher, your students must be happy!

Do not worry. You ask very good questions and I am happy to help you. I just wish I had more time to answer questions and work on the website. (I will in September though!!) As for your question I would suggest movies that are a bit older and also "drama". I would avoid "modern movies" or "action" because it is hard to understand.

What you could do is find an actor whom you really enjoy. On the other hand I just discovered a WONDERFUL site which has "movie guides" for popular American films that you might find useful. Check it out here. Let me know what you think Barbora! Cheers! - Diana

May 24, 2010
Thanks for your reply
by: Barbora

Hi again,
thank you so much for your time and your opinion.

I´m not so sure about the criminal series. I´m not the huge fan of them and I suppose there are too many special words about criminology.
I just want something from the real life I guess, yeah I know that nearly all of stupid comedy sitcoms aren´t from life at all but I like them much more...

I have made something like a competition between some of the tv series and the final choise is here: Cougar town, 30 rock, Glee, Studio 60, Parenthood and Scrubs... Oh if there wasn´t so big selection I would be happinest :D

Have a nice day,

I hear you! There are so many great shows to choose from. If you don't like criminal series you probably won't like most of what I suggest. I love scrubs (but the slang might make it confusing). Keep us posted and let us know what you recommend!

May 23, 2010
Excellent taste in shows
by: Anonymous

You have an excellent taste in shows, but what you really do have as a keen eye for great acting. Walsh, Arquette, Deschanel, and Hall are all probably the best TV can offer. They never commit the crime of eating the scenery, or acting cutesy just to be lovable.

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