Report vs Recount

by Ika

I would like to know about "report" as a form of writing. We report something to others by writing them in a paragraph. Sorry. I didn't explain that clearly before.

I always confuse the difference between REPORT and RECOUNT. Tell me about the tenses they used.

Thanks for you help Diana.
Hi Ika,

I believe I understand you better now.

Let's look at the two terms separately.

To Report
is to provide a detailed account or statement that describes an event.

To Recount
is to narrate or relate a story in great detail or to give the facts about a situation, usually in order of occurrence.

When you compare the two definitions, you can see that they are related and mean similar things, but they are not 100% the same.

When you report something it is official.

For example, you report a crime to the police. Imagine you are reporting a crime to the police.

When you tell the story, step by step, you are recounting what happened during the incident.

You’re are reporting the crime to the police, but recounting the incident. (Recounting has a sense of re-living, or going over the event again).

How to Use "Report" and "Recount"
in Different Tenses

Simple Future

I will report the incident to my boss.
I will recount the story of how it happened to my boss.

Future Progressive

I'll be reporting this to the police if it happens again.
I'll be recounting this day for the rest of my life.

Future Perfect

I will have reported the incident to the police by 5pm this afternoon.
I will have recounted the situation to my mother by 5:30pm this afternoon.

Future Perfect Progressive

I will have been reporting this accident for 3 hours at 4pm.
I will have been recounting this problem to my sister for 2 hours at 6pm.

Simple Present

He always reports insignificant issues to the police.
He always recounts his troubles with his wife with

the neighbors.

Present Progressive

I'm reporting a crime as we speak.
I'm recounting the situation with my mother, on the other phone. Can I call you back?

Present Perfect

I have reported the crime already.
I have recounted the entire story to my sister already.

Present Perfect Progressive

I have been reporting the same crime to the police for the past month.
I have been recounting this story over and over to my friend.

Simple Past

I reported the robbery this morning.
I recounted the incident with my best friend over coffee.

Past Progressive

I was reporting the crime over the phone, when my alarm went off.
I was recounting the story, when I realized that I hadn't told my family I was alright.

Past Perfect

I had reported the accident to the police, but they never came.
I had recounted the story 5 times that day.

Past Perfect Progressive

I was tired because I had been reporting the crime to the police all morning.
I was upset because I had been recounting the story over and over again. I just wanted to forget it.

How is that for you Ika?

I hope that this answers your question. Now you hopefully have a clear idea about the difference between "report" and "recount".

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Have a wonderful day everyone!

- Diana :)

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