"The road to success is always
under construction"- Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin, famous actress and comedian, explains how the road to success is not perfect and this idea should be applied to your learning English journey.

Do you know who Lily Tomlin is? Take a minute to watch the following video to see her most famous character "Ernestine" being interviewed by Joan Rivers.  I think that she is hilarious.

Now back to her quote! Let's think about this quote in another way.

Your English will never be “perfect”.

You make think that sounds negative or pessimistic but really it isn't.  I is just reality and how you work with reality will determine your perception.  Knowing that your English will never be perfect could motivate you to constantly try to learn and improve.  It could also make you feel sad and make you stop learning English.  

I hope you choose to keep learning!

  • Your English will always be improving, changing and adapting.
  • Your vocabulary will change and flow depending on the tasks and activities you are focusing on.
  • Your accent will change depending on where you live and the English you surrounded by.

Your confidence will improve or drop depending on your health, attitude and level of stress.

Watch this video for some advice on how 
to see the world in a more positive light (or be an optimist).

Your English (or anyone's English) can not be perfect, because "perfect" does not exist.

Like Jack Canfield says in the video above, you should use your mistakes as an opportunity to improve.

"Perfect" is just a fictional goal that you have imagined or created in your mind to keep you motivated. So when your English is not "perfect" do not get frustrated. Just know that it is under construction and that this is normal.

Take a minute to listen to how my friend Travis interprets Lily Tomlin's quote below!

Share your interpretations of Lily Tomlin's Quote Below!

Now that you have heard our interpretations of the quote and what it means...I am curious to know what you think.

Do you agree with my interpretation or do you see it as saying something totally different?

Express and share your thoughts below and see what other visitors like you have said.

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