Teaching is My Passion

by Beauty in Royalty

Pueblo Ingles Program, Valdelavilla

Pueblo Ingles Program, Valdelavilla

A story about the sacred art of teaching: A passionate perspective of how important teaching and teachers are, and how this field can be under appreciated at times. How has teaching or being taught changed your life?

Teaching has been always been my passion, as it reveals my inner desire to help others, to impart my knowledge to them, and to sail in other people's minds the minds of others.

There is actually a preconceived notion or a stereotype attached that to "teaching" is seen as being "easy work".

It is not easy at all. Teaching means to dealing with different DNAs and moods. You also have to be so extremely patient, understanding and tolerant to your students' faults mistakes when teaching English.

You should also keep updating and refreshing your information and teaching skills regularly to cope with this "sacred task".

The story of teaching will never end as it trains minds, looks forward to anticipates the beautiful blossoms of knowledge and watches them flourishes.

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Comments for Teaching is My Passion

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Jan 20, 2011
thumbs up
by: neethu

well done...good work...

Nov 01, 2010
Hi, good work!
by: Anonymous

You have done a great job. I'm very impressed to read it. I'm waiting for your next page.

Aug 25, 2009
notion that "teaching" is seen as "easy work".
by: hoa.minhthien@gmail.com

In the corrected version i see something like:

"There is actually a preconceived notion or a stereotype that "teaching" is seen as "easy work".

I wonder why we cannot simply say:
(...) that "teaching" is an "easy work".
I see no point putting "seen as" in there -:))

Pls correct me if am wrong..
Hi Danke, you could say "as an easy JOB" but not "as an easy work". Work is a verb, job is the noun. :)

Mar 12, 2009
I totally agree!
by: Diana Tower

Hi Beauty,

Great story! It makes me feel good to know that there are people out there who know and appreciate what it takes to be a good teacher.

Teaching can be demanding at times but it can also be greatly rewarding.

Keep up the great work and I'm curious to know what you will write about next. :)

Looking forward to your next story Beauty!

Diana Tower

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