The Difference Between Maybe and Perhaps

by Jose Carlos
(Jundiai-São Paulo-Brazil)

What is the difference between "maybe" and "perhaps". Also, between "city" and "town".

Maybe and perhaps mean the same thing.

You can use them interchangeably. The only difference is that "perhaps" is used more often in England and it is also considered a little bit more formal than “maybe”.

Don't worry too much about it though because they can be used in any situation interchangeably.

In terms of "city" versus "town", you can use city more freely than town. A town is a less important smaller city. You could say that London, Madrid and Liverpool are all cities.

Personally, I don't use “town”. City works perfectly and if it is anything significantly smaller than a city I would call it a “village”. For example, 100 people living in an area, it is most likely a village.

I hope that helps Jose Carlos.
Have a wonderful day!

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Comments for The Difference Between Maybe and Perhaps

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Feb 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

English people often refer to cities affectionately as 'town' - even in a large city like Manchester or Leeds, someone might say something like "I'm going into town to do some shopping".

Incidentally, fans of Newcastle United Football Club are known as "The Toon" because of the way the people of Newcastle pronounce 'town' as 'toon'.

Mar 24, 2009
Difference between maybe and perhaps
by: José Carlos

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

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