The Difference Between "Other", "Another" and "Others"

by Ika

"I'd like another drink please!"

Hi Diana...thanks alot with for your clear answers.

Here i will ask you again is another question... what's the difference between OTHER, OTHERS, THE OTHER, and ANOTHER? Please give me a clear explanation...and the examples in sentences.

Thank you - Ika
Hi Ika, Today I am answering a lot of questions. :) Here is my answer for you.

Other- Refers to something different.
So I answered your other question.
(The last question was different from this one).

Others- Refers to things that are different when you do not mention the noun.
The others didn't want to go the movie, even though I did.
The other people = the others).
Rather than repeating the objects you can just state others.

-The other clothes were ugly
-The others were ugly
-The other people were watching the movie
-The others were watching the movie

The other I'm not quite sure what you don't understand Ika. It is just the same as "other", with an article "the". So the other couch, the other table, the other object. It speaks about a specific thing that is different.

It is also used in an expression...

On the other hand...speaking about a different perspective

The other day...speaking about a different day.
-It was raining the other day.

Another refers to something that is additional.

-I ate a cookie for dessert and I want another one (one more).
-I need another glass of water.

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- Diana :)

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Comments for The Difference Between "Other", "Another" and "Others"

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Aug 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I love you Diana! Your answers is the best. Thank you. Hassan

You are very welcome Hassan! -Diana :D

Aug 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

-I live in another country.
-I live in other country.

Which one is the correct and why?

The first one is correct. We have to use another in this case because the new country that you live in is in addition to the country you are from or that you used to live in.

Let's think of it in another example...a house.

I live in another house. We would say another house because it is a new one (additional) to the one we lived in before. If we use other, we have to also add "the" and this changes the meaning slightly.

I live in the other house. This means that there are two or more houses being spoken about and someone might say, "oh so you live in that house". If they are wrong you could say, "no I live in the other house...over there".

I hope that helps. - Diana

Feb 19, 2012
the other or other
by: tamara

Which is correct?
I can't find my the other shoe. Or
I can't find my other shoe.

Hi Tamara, in this case we would not use 'the' in the sentence. Why? We don't need the because you are already using the possessive 'my'. For example. If you wrote "I can't find the other shoe"...that is correct.

If you want to use 'my' then you would remove 'the' and write "I can't find my other shoe".

Great question Tamara and keep up the good work.


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