the use of "had had" in sentences

by Ryan
(Toronto, Canada)

Below, you can find sentences with the use of "had had". However, I am still finding it difficult to apply it in my daily conversation.

Would you please give a simple explanation when I can use "had had" or yet better please provide your own examples with detailed explanations.

Thanks in advance for your help,



After the family had had breakfast, they went to the zoo.

She was more surprised that he had had time to shop.

Mike was the principal of the village school and Kate had had her own troubles with him.

She saw no reason to add that she had had no invitations recently that had been more appealing than an evening with Mike.

The child yawned and rubbed her eyes. She had had a very long day, Mia thought sympathetically.

The back to school haircut she had just had was too short: her straight light brown hair looked ridiculous.

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