The use of "Often"

by Geli

Here is a question regarding the use of "often" and the "subjunctive" in English. What is the correct way to say the following in English?:

- I hope the website will be updated often (my friend's option) Correct!!

- I hope the web is oftenly updated (my 2nd choice Sorry...incorrect
- I hope the web to be oftenly updated
Also incorrect

The problem arises, from my point of view, when Spanish people try to express the subjunctive in English language.

I'd also like to congratulate you on your website. I think it is really good! I hope all of us contribute to keep it updated. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Kind regards,
Dear Geli,
First of all, you are welcome!
I am so glad that you like the website and that it is helping you. (It is going to help you more in the future...AUDIO IS COMING!!!)

From your question I have to tell you that your friend is correct. We can not say oftenly because "often" is already a frequency adverb (used for habitual behaviour...).

You could say that you hope the website is updated frequently (or frequently updated). Frequetly because it doesn't exist.

Thanks for the great question. Also I corrected your use of "wish"...I believe you meant to say "hope". Visit this article for a clear explination on the differences between "hope" "wait" and "expect".

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Have a wonderful day everyone!

- Diana :)

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Comments for The use of "Often"

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Feb 01, 2009
To be or not to be, that's the question :)
by: Miguel

Hi all!
I've read the corrections and I think all of them are focused on the use of the adverb "often" when the main question was about the correct use of the subjunctive in the sentence.

So, I'm still in doubt about that topic.

How should we say that we hope you update your website often?

"I hope the website will be updated often"
"I hope the website is updated frequently"
"I hope the website to be updated often"

All the best.
Hi Miguel, You are right...I did focus on the use of "often". Out of your examples the first two are correct and can be used (although I changed the second one to use "frequently" rather than often.) The third example is incorrect. -Diana

Jan 30, 2009
Thanks a lot for your prompt reply
by: Geli

Dear Diana:

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply to my question.
I'm still laughing of at myself¬° What such an imagination, I've got: "oftenly" JAJAJA (In English we lauph with HAHAHA :)
What about was I thinking in?

Thanks again for your explanation in relation to the subjunctive use in English.

Have a nice day too!

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