un, dis, in and non prefixes

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un, dis, in and non prefixes

un, dis, in and non prefixes

How do we use: un, dis, in, non (etc)? Are there any more words that are similar to these sort of prefixes? Also, which ones use a hyphen often?

Does the meaning change when we say dislike versus unlike? Why can't we write inlike?

What rules are there related to adding "un, dis, in, non"...etc, in the front of a word?

Could you please help us on this, thank you so much Ola.

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Nov 09, 2010
Negative Prefixes
by: Ola Zur

This is the subject of negatives prefixes. These are prefixes that mean "not" or "the opposite of."

In English there are more than a few of such prefixes. Here are some common ones:
non-, un-, im-, in-, il-, ir- and dis-.

You add them at the beginning of a word. How can you know which one to use? Look it up in a dictionary?

Which ones use a hyphen often? Well, in most cases you shouldn't add a hyphen. When in doubt, "consult" a good dictionary. Here is an example of a dictionary's explanation of the prefix "non-".

Yes, "unlike" and "dislike" have a completely different meaning.

UNLIKE = not similar to.
Example: Unlike most people, he enjoys losing money.

DISLIKE = not to like someone/something.
Example = She has always disliked the smell of fish.

Regarding INLIKE this is simply not a word in the English language. You can find "unlike" and "dislike" in a dictionary. "Inlike" you cannot.

Ola Zur is the editor of www.really-learn-english.com, an illustrated guide to English.

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