What is Your Learning Style?

by Diana Tower
(Huelva, Spain)

This month I want to learn more about you.

What is your learning style?

There are three learning styles to choose from: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

Visual learners learn by seeing something or watching it.

Auditory learners need to hear something in order to understand it.

Kinaesthetic (tactile) learners learn best through hands on experience and performing the task.

To learn more about learning styles check out my article from my tutoring website: www.online-tutoring-success.com

Now that I know what learning style you are, how do you take advantage of this when you study?

What kind of activities and materials do you enjoy using?

Please share your thoughts and experiences below. I am interested to learn more about you and I am sure others will benefit from your experience and ideas.

All the best,
Diana Tower

Comments for What is Your Learning Style?

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Jun 21, 2013
Both Visual and Kinaesthetic
by: Praveen

I am both a visual and kinaesthetic learner. I love projects, activities, graphics and assignments.

Jun 12, 2013
by: Albert

Hello Diana, longtime no communication for my problem that I met.

So my style is both auditory and visual learning but the fence that limits me is the lack of materials. Even to see this e-mail it requires lots of energy. That's why I responded so late.

In addition to improve my learning I try to apply some of your advice that is interesting.

I am scared to study English with you because I consider you as special person that I love.


May 17, 2013
Listening and Reading
by: Manick

This is Manick from India. Being a non-native speaker of the language , I have always had problems in learning English.

Be it any skill reading, writing or speaking. I have always had difficulty as I have not been exposed to this language since my childhood.

I mostly use my regional language called Tamil. So in order to get my English to some level to earn my bread in the market, I started to be with English as much as possible either by watching English movies/news which helps me to know how people utter the words in the right way.

I also read English newspapers which makes me feel that my English actually improves with more reading.

But I also feel that listening also helps. And my heartfelt thanks to you and all other people like you who do a lot of service to help others learn the universal language.

Thanks indeed.

May 15, 2013
My learning style
by: Anonymous

My learning style is listening since it is the first skill people master.

May 15, 2013
50/50: Visual and Auditory
by: Juan

Hi Diana,

Thanks for your newsletter. I missed your voice and glad to have you back. To answer your question I think I am a visual learner but I also learn well when I listen.

A good example is your newsletter. I like to read and listen to your newsletters at the same time. I hear that words and can see them at the same time.

This helps me understand better and remember the information.

My sister needs to see things in order to understand. If I explain something mathematical to her she will not understand it until I draw a diagram. She has a difficult time learning math.

To answer your second question: I like to learn English by watching TV series. I buy the DVD's because then I can have subtitles in English as well.

That allows me to hear and see the English at the same time (like your newsletters).

I also am trying to speak more English. I live in Spain and it is hard to find English speakers in my small village.

Thank you for your hard work.

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