"As Far As" vs "As Long As"

by Faisal

What is the difference between these two expressions: "as far as" and "as long as"? Could you give me a couple of examples in context so I can understand them. Thanks

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Nov 21, 2010
As long as / as far as
by: Ola Zur

Here you go:

"As far as" has several usages.
1. It is used to show the degree or distance:
I will help you as far(much) as I can. (shows degree)
We will travel as far as London. (shows distance)

2. It is used to show "regarding what":
He was satisfied as far as his work was concerned.
(= He was happy regarding his work)

3. It is used to show your opinion:
As far as I'm concerned, we should sell the house.
She can leave, as far as I'm concerned.

4. It is used to limit your statement:
He came back at five, as far as I know.
(= What I know is that he came back at nine, but maybe I don't have all the facts)
As far as I can remember, we parked the car by the tree.

"As long as" has several usages as well:
1. It is used to show how long:
I'll stay as long as you want.

2. It is used to show the reason:
As long as I'm standing, I'll make the coffee.
(= Since I'm already standing I'll make the coffee.)
As long as you are going outside, take out the garbage.

3. It is used to show a requirement:
I will wear the dress as long as you don't laugh.
(= I will wear the dress, but only of you don't laugh.)
She will come as long as she doesn't need to talk.
He can do whatever he wants as long as the house remains tidy.

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