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Vocabulary means "all the words you know and use". It can also mean "all the words that exist in a language". - Ola Zur

Who is Ola Zur?

Ola Zur is the editor of www.really-learn-english.com, and she originally volunteered to answer all of your questions relating to vocabulary definitions.

Originally Ola would respond to individual requests but I soon started to see a pattern.  The questions were all asking a basic question.

What does (............) mean?

This is a valid question of course but there is a much easier way to find the answer to your question.

Online dictionaries!  

Yes.  It is simple.  

Just look up (search) for the word in a good dictionary and you will find definitions and examples to help you.

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Hello Ola, I'm confused with the word " stuff" could please explain its meaning and usage.

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Phrasal Verb "Walk Past" 
I can't find the expression 'walk past' in the dictionary. Does it mean to pass something by walking slowly/rapidly or both? Is this a pattern and …

I Couldn't Care Less  
Hello! Diana, Could you tell me why the phrase "I couldn't care less" means "I do not care at all" ? I really could not figure it out. Contrary …

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Does "get down" mean something sexual? 
Hi, Diana! I ran into a couple of questions when I was listening to a song called "Get Down" which sung by Backstreet Boys. Well, the thing is, it …

Advice v/s Advise 
I am often getting confused with the correct use of these two words (advice and advise). Can you give me a simple and powerful example to understand this. …

Kidnapping vs Hijacking 
What's the difference between "kidnapping" and "hijacking"? When should I use each one? Good question Weer welar. Kidnapping To steal, carry off, or …

What does " though" mean? 
What does the word "though" mean, in English? Taking a look at Word Reference (a great website for definitions and translations) I found the following …

What does "ironic" mean? 
Please explain the meaning of "ironic" and "ironically", with an example. 1) Ironic is characterized by a significant difference between what is expected …

What does "crap" mean? 
Explaining the meaning of "crap" . I just wnated to know the meaning of the word ''crap''. I can hear this word during the watching TV show or any films. …

English Dictionaries I Use

Like I mentioned above, many people would like to know what a word means.  The easiest way to know this is by using a dictionary.  One dictionary in particular that I like is The Free Dictionary.com

You can use the search-box below to look for the word meaning you don't know.

Online Reference
Dictionary, Encyclopedia & more

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