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by Joyce

I have been learning English grammar for a long time. I'm not good at grammar, but I think it's not very bad. However my English is improving so slowly. I guess that's because I'm not using it.

Now I don't have opportunities to use it. I spend most of my time staying at home. I do want to learn "Real Life English" to get it further. Thank you for teaching more Real Life English. It suits me well.

Could you teach English at school and English at house renting agency? I'll appreciate it. (Would you like me to cover these on my site? Is that what you would like me to do? I could cover them in my newsletter as well if you like.)

I just became a volunteer at my daughter's school to help teachers. Sometimes I don't even have time to get on the internet. So I need a guide book on Real Life English that I can bring with me all the time.

Could you recommend one or two books to learn English? Latest original version will be better.

Thanks and regards

Hi Joyce,

I think that focusing on grammar can actually slow progression down. Think about how people learn when they live abroad.

They have to hear the target language all the time and they are forced to use it. Sure they make mistakes and probably sound pretty silly but they use their English. This is why they progress more quickly than people who focus on grammar. I agree that grammar is a very important part of language learning but I think you have to strike a balance.

As for books to Learn English, specifically real life English, it is hard to say. Personally, I haven't found a book that focus on helping people in everyday situations.

There is one book that I LOVE but it is for business English. It is called "In at the Deep End" by Vicki Hollett. It is great for learning real life situations in the office (speaking on the phone, taking addresses, giving directions, brainstorming and expressing ideas). This book is probably not exactly what you are looking for though.

To be honest with you I don't really know of a book that focuses on "real life" English, and that is of high quality. I might just have to write my own.

Let's do a survey!

I'd like everyone to leave a comment below, telling me what you would expect to see in the perfect, "Real-Life English" book.

  • What situations would you like to look at?

  • What concepts would you like to learn? (Vocabulary, expressions, slang, appropriate responses etc).

  • What do you need to learn?

    This could be very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all leave as comments. :)

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    Nov 21, 2010
    Learn English Quickly
    by: Nour

    Hello, I am Nour and I need to learn more english.
    What kind of methods should I use? What books, when used, can help me learn quickly?

    Jun 30, 2009
    hello .........
    by: golden apple

    How are you?
    I read your newletter. Your EN is very very good; it is great. I want to learn English conversation. I want to talk people in the movies...on the radio etc.

    Thanks a lot! Bye.

    May 17, 2009
    by: Joyce

    Thanks a lot, Diana. I'm looking forward to the next newsletter.

    I wish you a wonderful marriage and a lifetime of happiness.

    Warm regards,

    May 15, 2009
    I expect a "Real-Life English" book
    by: Joyce

    Hi Diana,

    I'd like you to cover English at school and English at house renting agency in your newsletter. I'd like to learn expressions and appropriate responses.I want to learn: (1)When a student gets low marks,what does a teacher say to him/her? (2)When a parent meets his/her kid's teacher outside school, and he/she wants to know his/her kid's performance at school, how to ask? (3)How to rent an apartment? Should I pay a security deposit and sign a contract of lease of property? When I move out, what should I do? etc.

    I just finished reading the newsletter "English at the Airport". It's really helpful. I read that you were working on your first book. When it's ready, please do tell me. I'm going to get one copy for sure.

    ESL learners have a different motivation for learning English. I learn it for helping my daughter learn English and watching English movies. So I expect a "Real-Life English" book.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Concider it done Joyce. The next newsletter is going to answer all of your questions.

    Regarding my "mystery" book. I hope to have it avaliable for this fall. I would try for sooner but in July and August I will be in Canada getting Married! :) I'll keep you all updated via the newsletter for sure.

    If you haven't signed-up yet. Sign-up today!

    Cheers - Diana

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