Break routines to become more creative!

by Alexia

Hi Diana and all visitors,

I totally agree with you, and I really think if we want to improve and feel like we are growing during all our life, we have to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

I know it's not so easy sometimes, but really it's worth a try.
It's important when you do a new thing to focus on success and always saying: “Yes, I can do it!”

Actually, it's really amazing because after the first step, you say: “Finally, it was not as difficult as I thought. I can do even better the next time!”.

You feel very proud of yourself.  Then you try again and again and each time, with a little more difficulty. You feel alive and growing.

That is exactly whats happening with my English speaking. At the beginning, I refused to speak in English because first, I was shy, and moreover I was always thinking about my mistakes when I was speaking. So I didn't dare to say a word.

One day, I couldn't stand my behavior anymore toward my English learning. Then I decided to change my mind. I said in my head: “Obviously, if you never speak, you will never learn English language...”

It's an evidence of course. However, I needed to speak more than one time before starting to speak! Maybe I was afraid of rejection, remarks on my bad skills in English and other stupid thoughts.

I think the others' glance was too important in my eyes. Therefore, I had to change the way I was thinking about the others.

So, first I tried a conversation via Skype with other learners just like me. I felt very nervous when the conversation started, but after several minutes, I felt more confident and safe. I realized also the others made mistakes and that was not important. We focused only on the conversation and the ideas we would exchange.

The main goal was to be able to understand each other and enjoy the conversation. On the contrary, I learned to love my mistakes and learn from them.

It wasn't a race! As a result, I would like to speak English all the time now! Unfortunately, it's impossible because I have to go to work!!

I know that the road is long to learn a foreign language, but I am so motivated! Anyway, I'll take the necessary time to master and become a great English speaker!!

Lastly, I can say I love this quote very much by Amos Bronson Alcott  "The less Routine the More Life” . It's very meaningful for me now. So, thank you very much Diana to share it with us.

That's all for now.
Have a great day,

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