Changing my Pronunciation

by Ganesh

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I can speak English well but I have to change my pronunciation. My pronunciation is mixed with my native language (I'm from India).

How/where can I start to learn/practice pronunciation?

My advice would be to make a conscious effort to improve your pronunciation and your accent.

The best way to do this would be to find a course that focuses specifically on accent training, so that you can efficiently improve your accent.

I personally recommend Charles' MP· course, because it is an audio course and it looks at many different problem sounds that learners have. Check it out today! -Diana

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Comments for Changing my Pronunciation

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Jun 08, 2010
Hi Everyone!
by: Rom?

I am Rom the guy that wrote six months ago and I still have the same problem lol. I don't speak very well but I can get a conversation going and I think if you practice and try to speak great but reading is important too. You must read because you will remember the words that you have read when you are talking with people.

I was studying in a college and really I learned a lot of things about the I am so greatful for my teacher. Currently I have stopped studying because I don't have a good job and I need to save money for my next semester. I mean it is very important to read and practice but only if you have the opportunity to do it.

Nov 21, 2009
Thank you.
by: Rom?

Hey thank you so much..

I'll treat..And!! if you can add me!! Maybe I can learn more writing.

See you later!
Take care
Hi Rom,

Right now the writing section of the site is closed. I just don't have enough time to correct people's work. So many people wanted help that I just was overwhelmed with submissions.

I hope to open the writing section again, or change it so that it will work better.

Have a great day!

Nov 14, 2009
English Pronunciation Course For You
by: Anonymous

Hello Rom,
There is a solution to your problems with pronunciation!

If you have about fifteen minutes a day, you can change the way you speak forever.

The first step is to learn the sound system of English.

There are many sounds in English which do not exist in Spanish. English and Spanish share a common alphabet but the way that each language pronounces those letters is not always the same.

In addition, the intonation and rhythm of English is different than Spanish.

Here's what to do:
On this website, on the left side, click on "Pronunciation". There you will be able to find my accent reduction course in mp3 "Best Accent Training." '
This course in mp3 will teach you how to speak English clearly and correctly!

It really works! It also comes highly recommended by Diana Tower, the ESL teacher who created this site. Thousands of people all around the world are using it with success! It can work for you too!

Best Regards,
Charles Becker
Accent Reduction Specialist
New York, NY USA

Nov 10, 2009
Practicing my english!!
by: Rom?

hello every one
how are you?.
sometimes i have the problem that i know the words but when I'm in a conversation I not remember how use that words.
or my problem more important is when I need use the past tense I'm stay here in America.
Somebody can I help me? I wanna practice my english and please if you know a website for practice you pronunciation I'll say thank you =) I'm from Guatemala please help me, I have been here a month tell me how is my english. I used the translate before but right now i can write the english no a lot but I think that is the more important tell me of the 0 to 10 how is my level.
This language is difficult but not impossible and tray to practice for learn fast.
If a person can help me please type me
God bless you..
have a nice day.

Jun 30, 2009
by: petit gerald

I have lots of problems to pronounce the words clearly and I need to know how to pronounce all the English vowels .

May 28, 2009
How to Change Your Pronunciation
by: Charles Becker

Changing your pronunciation is a gradual process which requires a great deal of practice but any one with the right amount of effort and dedication can do it!

The best way to begin to learn to speak English with proper pronunciation, is to first learn all the sounds of English.

English contains several vowels and consonants which do not exist in other languages.

As you point out, Ganesh, you're probably substituting sounds from your native language for the sounds that are unique to English. This is one factor which creates an accent.

I always begin my lessons with my private students here in New York by going through all the vowel sounds and identifying which vowels they are mispronouncing or even not using at all.

Vowels are the first sounds we make as human beings so it's only natural and logical to start there.

I then give my students step by step instruction as to how to position their tongue, lips and jaw to pronounce each vowel of English correctly.

Although I begin with vowels, Ganesh, because your first language is probably Hindu or Punjabi ,it will also be very important for you to focus on consonants such as /r/, /v/,/w/and /p/.

Another important aspect of speaking English clearly and correctly is intonation and stress. You'll need to learn the rules and patterns of English intonation and stress. They are actually quite simple and using them will greatly increase your ability to be understood by others.

Most importantly, you're going to need the right tools to practice your pronunciation.

You can only change the way you speak by "doing."

Below is a link to my English pronunciation course in mp3 format: Best Accent Training.

Using Best Accent Training mp3s, you'll be taught the right way to pronounce all the vowels and consonants of English ,the rules of syllable stress, intonation and connected speech.

Every mp3 lesson gives you step by step instruction with special pronunciation training exercises. Each lesson includes lots of practice words and common phrases that Americans use all the time.

You can put the mp3s on your mp3 player and practice wherever you go! You also get an ebook in PDF with a complete transcript of every lesson.

Step by step, your pronunciation will begin to change and you'll be speaking with a standard American accent!

Best Of luck Ganesh! You can do it!

Charles Becker
Accent Reduction Specialist

May 28, 2009
by: Ni A

Dear Ganest,

I would like to share an address to learn and practise pronunciation.

I think you should listen and repeat each letter, then each word, sentences. It's better if you record your voice to compare it with standard english.

May 28, 2009
by: Nelson Melgar

Try to listen to more English, like American movies, radio programs, through the internet...
It's all going to help you.

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