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Are you worried about your English pronunciation?  

Do people misunderstand you because your pronunciation is not clear?

If you answered yes, than you are not alone.  Many students are worried that their pronunciation confuses listeners and makes it difficult for them to be understood.  

This isn't surprising because many students and teachers do not spend a lot of time working on improving pronunciation.  It is also quite difficult to improve your pronunciation if you do not realize you are making mistakes.  

When we speak, and no one is there to correct us, we will make mistakes without even realizing it.  This is why most students do not practice pronunciation without a teacher.

If you are wondering:

"How can I improve my Pronunciation?"

or perhaps...

"Is it possible to improve your pronunciation at home?".

I have two suggestions for you:  

1) Best Accent Training and 2) eEnglish !  

Both of these programs are a great way to incorporate pronunciation into your self study efforts.  eEnglish is especially in depth and provides easy to use tools to focus on your specific mistakes and save you time.

Take a minute to explore these two amazing resources and then return here to ask your question.

Charles Becker is an accent reduction specialist based in New York city.  

He is a patient teacher who provides fast results at affordable prices.  

When he isn't recording his free weekly podcast, English Pronunciation Pod, he volunteers his time and expertise to answer your questions here.

Just submit your question via the form below.  

Be sure to look at the questions and answers below. Charles might have already been asked the exact same question.

The trick to speaking English with clarity and impact is understanding the melody and rhythm that is specific to English, but differs in other languages. Therefore, without the music of the English language, pronunciation is a mistake.

~ Erin Corrigan, Pronunciation Specialist

Do you have a question about Speaking in English or English pronunciation?

Many English learners struggle with speaking, especially with English pronunciation. Do you have a specific issue or question that you would love to find the answer for? Just ask Charles your question using the form below.

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I Mispronounce Too Many
Words in English
I was raised in Canada to immigrant parents. I've mispronounce words my whole life in English and native tongue. I feel this is effecting me each day …

Making lesson plans for pronunciation. 
I've just reviewed thoroughly all advices about pronunciation tips but I still can't build a practical way to improve my pronunciation skill theoretically. …

Do you recieve written or downloadable exercises? 
I am helping a coworker with his accent and I was wondering if any of the material in "Pronunciation Power 2" is down-loadable or written up anywhere …

The Upside Down e  
What is the name of the upside down "e" when pronounced in parenthesis?

British vs American Pronunciation 
How do you pronounce (you're) in British English : yu: or yo:? Also, I watch many American films and always notice that the letter (a) is silent when …

correct pronunciation.... 
Hi there! I am an English teacher in Iran and most of my students have problems with (th) words, because there are no words similar to this in the Persian …

Word Stress 
What is the word stress for the following words: "above", "before", "rebel(noun)", "rebel(verb)", "possible"?

Usually an e at the end of a one syllable word means... 
Usually an e at the end of a one syllable word in the form C-V-C-e means the first vowel will have a long sound. Why is that not true of some words …

Pronunciation rule for 'the' 
Are there any rules for pronouncing the article 'the' when used before words like "united, union, used, useful" starting with sound /j/? Thanks for …

Pronunciation Software 
Do you know some software to check my pronunciation? I need to prepare for PET test and it would be necessary to succeed. Thanks Charles will …

The sound of phonetic symbol upsidedown of - e 
Could you tell me what the sound of the phonetic symbol that looks like upside-down of the letter-e? How should I pronounce this symbol when I get it. …

Rules for pronouncing "the"  
When do you use the "e" sound as in "bee" and the schwa sound when pronouncing "The"? Is it similar to an and a with vowel sounds in the following noun …

How can I Speak English Well? 
Hi! my problem is, how can I speak English well because I loose confident and feel shy even I fail to continue speaking in English. Hi Mutoto, Looking …

Pronouncing Past Tense of Regular Verbs 
What are the rules for pronuncing the ending "ed" in the past tense of regular verbs? This is a wonderful question. So many people struggle with this …

Is English a "Stressed Language" 
It is said that English is a "stressed language" and my friend told that it is an "aspirated language". Please explain that. …

What is the Best Way to Improve my Accent? 
Hi Charles, I want to have a better accent. Mostly, I want to speak clearly and with an American accent. Do you know what I can do to accomplish …

Improving Fluency 
I would like to ask, how I can improve my fluency in English. I have learned so much basic vocabulary and expressions, but I noticed that I can’t …

How to Pronounce 'Singer' and 'direction' 
Hello Charles, I would like to ask you how to pronounce the letter 'G' in the word 'Singer' and how to pronounce the letter 'I' in the word 'direction'. …

Changing my Pronunciation 
I can speak English well but I have to change my pronunciation. My pronunciation is mixed with my native language (I'm from India). How/where …

English Pronunciation and Syllabic Consonants 
I have been working on building a database of American English words and am developing what I call ease of pronunciation and ease of spelling indexes …

IELT Tips 
How can I be confident speaking, improve my pronunciation and easily answer typical IELT questions. How can I maintain good eye contact while responding? …

Pronouncing"asked", "d" or "t" on the end? 
What is the correct ending sound for the word "asked"? This is an interesting question because it is difficult to differentiate between the endings …

Stress and Reduced Vowels 
Dearest Diana, Are there specific rules for stressing syllables in English? How do you know where is the stress? Reduced vowels? Could you explain …

English Pronunciation 
I have difficulties studying English pronunciation (American/British). One of my friends said that my English sounds Indian or Middle Eastern. …

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Ship or Sheep? 
My two year old baby confuses similar words such as Bath and bus, ship or sheep etc. How can I help my baby with this? Thanks. Leeraay Hi Leeraay, First …

It's difficult to pronounce words which start with /pr/, /dr/, /fr/ like: "product (stress on first syllable and the second), profession, drink, …

Speaking English Well 
"How can I speak English well?" - Ahmed Many people ask the same question and the answer is no secret. In order to speak English well people …

Frustrated with my
Speaking Skills
Sometimes I feel somewhat frustrated about stud y ing English, because I do it so much and yet cannot understand, even when it is something …

How to Make Speaking English Easier. 
I'm Egyptian and speaking in English is hard for me. What can I do to make it easier??? That is a good question. I think many people, when …

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