English Learning Course: Carmen's General Feedback

by Carmen

Course Feedback

**Remember** Please be honest and constructive. If you like the course great, but I'm trying to perfect it and if you have any suggestions and input I would really appreciate it. If you do not like something or think there is a better way to do something, please tell me.

Please explain your answers in as much detail as possible and provide the reason why you feel a certain way.

Study Guide

1) Does the study guide provide you with enough information and motivation?

Yes, the study guide is really complete. Motivation -on the other hand- is more about the person who is doing the course. I think that it depends more on that person's attitude.

There are things that can help you relate to the subject chosen (in that case it is good), the existence of good humour (in that case it is good) and design (maybe this is something that should improve a bit).

Ah! Maybe if the student could go step by step automatically, like in a computer program, it could help. For example, if I finish the first step a message could tell me "Congratulations! Let's go to step 2. It took you just 30 minutes!"

Well, I don't know about the time reference but it could happen if you had the right software to calculate how much time you needed to finish.

2) Are there any parts that are unclear or could be described more?

When I read the abstract of the course I confused the "video" with the "step one audio". Maybe if the student has links for each audio-visual part, the navigation through the course could be easier. (Carmen is reviewing the original pdf version of the course and this will be solved with the new computer program version).

3) Is there anything missing from the study guide that you feel is important?

No, there isn't. Although, it might be useful to have the opportunity to practice speaking with a microphone. I tried this when I was learning in the Wall Street
Institute but I'm not really sure if it works.

4) Are there any doubts or questions that you have that the study guide did not answer?

No, everything is ok.

5) Is the study guide useful?

Yes, but when you find so much text you get overwhelmed. After that when you start to read and do the exercises everything is easier.

Maybe you could share the information by having a main part (with the exercises and questions) and a second/hidden part with the help and suggestions (and if you move your mouse over it or click it you can find the explanation).

6) General feelings or feedback?

For me it has been really nice and complete. Congratulations!

General Reactions

1) Do you feel like you are learning as you work through each step? Yes, I noticed my progress step by step.

2) Are the steps in the right order or sequence? (If not, what should they be?) I have doubts between step 6 and 7. Maybe I would put step 6 at the end.

3) Can you think of any steps or activities that would make the course even better? The only think I would mention is the possibility of practising speaking/pronouncing (repeating and recording VEPs)

4) Are any of the steps bad?No, they aren't.

5) What are your general reactions to the course? I think it is a really good course, really well worked-out and built.

6) How would you describe this to a friend or colleague?You can feel how you are building your English comprehension and English skills at the same pace you are learning step by step. It happens in the same week of working.

7) How much money do you think this course is worth (Twenty units)?I'm not sure but initially, I think about 30 euros per unit.

8) If you had to identify three weaknesses in the course, what would they be?
1) Word software
2) General design
3) The audiovisual resources and the word text are not integrated.

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