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As you search the web for an English learning course you might get frustrated by the "false promises" and "buy now pressure" that many people use to sell their products.

If you are interested in a specific course and would like to learn more about it, just visit my English course review page.  I probably have already reviewed the course you would like to get.  If not, please request a review and I will review the course personally.

Are looking for an English course to help you improve your English level in a fun way?  If so, you might be interested in my latest course.

It is based on 20 funny videos created by Jerry and Orrin Zucker, called "It's Jerry Time".  These videos use 100% real English because they were made for native English speakers.  That is when I got the idea to transform these videos into an intensive self study English course.

Let me tell you that these are not ESL videos. They are funny and interesting videos made for native English speakers using real English, which makes the course much more real!

When I created "It's English Time" I knew that I wanted to create a course that would be challenging,  funny and interesting.  

Rather than recording videos specifically to learn a particular grammar point or expression, I took these real videos and created a course to understand each video and learn from them.

Basically my idea was to create a course that would help you understand real English, in the same way you want to understand real conversations or situations when you are interacting in English.

Rather than try to tell you myself that you should buy this course though, I invited students of mine, who have the course, to tell us what they think of it, as they use it. (Honest reviews: including the good and the bad).

Enough from me though, Carmen will be telling us about unit one shortly.

Sharing Thoughts on my English Course, "It's English Time".

Carlos and Carmen just started my English course, "It's English Time" and they have agreed to work through the videos and share their thoughts and experiences with everyone. Check out their feedback below.

What Carmen and Carlos have said...

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English Learning Course: Carmen's Week 1 Feedback 
Week 1: Who's That Guy Written Material Please provide your thoughts and reactions to each step. STEP 1 1) Is it a good activity? Yes, it …

English Learning Course: Carmen's General Feedback 
Course Feedback **Remember** Please be honest and constructive. If you like the course great, but I'm trying to perfect it and if you have any suggestions …

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