I want to speak English fluently.

by Nodira

Hello Robby! I'm Nodira from Korea. I want to improve my English language. I always try to speak, but sometimes I can not explaine to I want to say.

Also I make a mistake while speaking. Please, help me to improve my English. Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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I am afraid

by Karthik

Hi robby,

All the time I have been very afraid to speak. Sometimes have decided to speak well but unfortunatly I can't speak as what I am thinking to say.

Can you give some energetic tips for this issue?

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English Fluency

by Martin

What is English Fluency according to you? If you had to define it, would you be able to in one sentence or would you need to describe several factors that -together- create English fluency?

I can't remember a time when I wasn't dreaming about being a fluency speaker. I think this "dream" sometime makes me feel bad. Did ever happen to you? It's like I imagined one day I would suddenly start speaking like a Hollywood actor like Clint Eastwood or George Clooney (maybe start looking like him too!)

That is never going to happen though (fluency or looks wise).

So my question is, what is a reasonable expectation or dream to have regarding English fluency? How can I make my dreams "appropriate" or "achievable" so that I do not set myself up for disappointment?

When I refer to fluency I am referring to speaking and listening. Writing has never been too much of an issue for me, but once you put a microphone or live person in-front of me I freeze-up.

Thanks for your thoughts Robby!

Comments for English Fluency

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May 17, 2011
How to define English fluency
by: Robby Kukurs

Hi Martin,

You asked an excellent question, thanks!

Now, here are two videos I want you to watch on my blog. The first one is about defining English fluency http://englishharmony.com/real-english-fluency/ and as you'll see it's all about your active vocabulary.

The second is about your English being closely related to who you are: http://englishharmony.com/defining-english-comfort-zone/ and it focuses on awakening awareness among foreign English speakers that our spoken language reflects what we do on a daily basis; we can't expect being eloquent English speakers in all life situations.

Going back to the active vocabulary; I think it's the KEY factor to fluent English speech.

Some foreign English speakers can speak fluently using 500 most commonly used words.

Some can't use their 10 000 word English vocabularies adequately to convey the verbal message successfully.

It's all about efficiently utilizing your existing active vocabulary (words and phrases you can speak as opposed to just recognition) and paraphrasing if needs be instead of using sophisticated words and expressions. It can easily lead to situations when you freeze up and don't know what else to say!

Having said this, though, I'm not underestimating the need for constant practice. There's always room for improvement in terms of how you use your active vocabulary and learning new speech patterns and expressions is at the core of this.

Hope this helps,



Robby Kukurs is the creator of www.englishharmony.com, a website he created in 2007 to help struggling foreign English speakers gain real English fluency.

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