How to Speak English Fluently

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If you have been trying to learn how to speak English fluently for a while, then you might be feeling a bit frustrated.

Am I right?

When asked what their goals are, most students learning English state that they want to speak English fluently.  


The ability to express oneself readily and effortlessly

What does that mean to you?  

  • Speaking grammatically correct English?
  • Not making any mistakes?
  • Feeling confidant despite your mistakes?
  • Sounding like a native English Speaker?

The list could go on and on.  Everyone defines fluency differently.  

That is why I team-up with English Harmony creator Robby Kukurs to bring you this article section focusing specifically on your English fluency issues.

Speaking from my own experience, learning a language, fluency is the idea that I can communicate with others without hesitation, confusion or misunderstandings.  I imagine a "utopia" where I speak perfectly.  

This obviously does not exist --not even for native speakers-- but it is this "idea" that pushes me to improve, study, and search for new ways to make the process easier.

-Diana Tower

Watch My Review of Robby's Fluency Course:  English Harmony

Typical English Fluency
Issues According to Robby;

  • Knowing what you want to say in English but not being able to get the right words to come out of your mouth;
  • Speaking but suddenly confusing words or using incorrect grammar structures;
  • Speaking in English but hesitating a lot which makes you difficult to understand.

If any of those situations sound familiar, take a look below at some personalized help and advice from Robby himself.

Robby is currently unable to answer new questions, but with over 30 fluency questions answered below I am sure you will find the help you are looking for.

See What Other Advice Robby Has Given...

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Struggling to Speak 
Hi Robby, I can write English well but then everything comes apart in the case of speaking. I find it difficult to speak fluently. My tongue rolls …

Need to speak English fluently 
I try to speak English with my friend, but when it comes to something that I hardly can explain, I go back to using my mother tongue. This is so frustrating. …

Years Studying English, But I can't speak it fluently 
Dear Robby, First of all I want to say congratulations to Diana for this good web site for teaching English. I have spend a lot of time trying to …

I loose all my confidence and go blank when I start to communicate in english 
Hello Robbie, I came to England 5 years ago. I'm a teacher by profession but have lost all my confidence since I came here. Children and elders mock …

Forgetting words of sentences while speaking 
Hello Robbie, My problem is, when I memorize a word with a particular context, I am able to understand it, but when it comes to saying the whole sentence …

How to Speak Under Pressure 
Hello Robbie, I am not able to speak continuously; especially in interviews. I get totally blocked. My words don't come out and I don't know what …

Hello Robby! I'm Nodira from Korea. I want to improve my English language. I always try to speak, but sometimes I can not explaine to I want to say. …

I want to improve my English language  
Hello, I want to teach English for kindergarten classes. And I am weak in speaking English fluently and also in writing. Please help me, how can I improve …

Losing words and confusing to speak English 
Hi Robby, I'm jane. My problem is I am confused speaking in English because I am losing words to say and I dont know how to put in right tense and verbs. …

Fluency Question 
I am a Nigerian. I teach literature in English to high school students but sometimes when teaching i discover I make mistakes while speaking and sometimes …

I'm afraid of Making Mistakes 
I like speaking English a lot but I'm afraid of making mistake and just want some good steps and advice to overcome this fear. Thanks!

Namaste: How Can I Speak Better English? 
Hello mam, I'm from Nepal and I would like to talk in English but I'm afraid to talk. I don't know in which tense we should talk. I notice many times …

I dont know what to do :( 
Hello Robby, First of all I would like to thank you. I liked each and every thing what you have written in your website. Really great. The problem …

English Fluency  
How can I gain fluency in English? I can use English words but I'm not able to make sentences fluently. How can I improve myself? Any suggestions?

Hard to Undersrand When They Talk Too Fast in English 
When speaking with some native English speakers, they start to speak too quickly. I think it is because sometimes I can speak quickly, so they take …

How can we keep ourselves motivated? 
hi robby, I'm a foreigner who wishes to improve my English fluency. I find it rather difficult to express myself, find suitable vocab and my descriptions …

How can we get English fluency? 
I'm a student of English. I have problems with English fluency. What is something simple that I can do to start improving my English? Thank you very …

How to improve fluency and how to make telephone calls without panic 
Hi Robbie, My name is Laura and I just started my placement in a Solicitors office where I am asked to make telephone calls to clients, to the police …

How to Speak in English Without Making Mistakes 
I want to speak English without mistakes. I work in a society where we have to speak in English well and write emails to collegues. I find my self …

Losing Words 
Hi Robby, I was pretty okay in english and explaining myself. But last few months I am finding that I am losing words and having really hard time in …

Nervous and Confused  
Hi Robby, My problem is that whenever I try to speak English I get nervous and confused. I can't speak fluently and because of this, I become shy and can't …

Best Fluency Strategies for Me 
Dear Robby, My name is Juan and I'm Spanish and I can write English well, but if we were speaking right now it would be a different story. I get frustrated …

Incorrect English and Nervous When Speaking English  
I get nervous when speaking in English and then I speak incorrect English. Is this common? How can I reduce my nervousness and improve my spoken English? …

What's the Key to English Fluency? 
Hi Robby, From your blog (which is really great) I see that you know a lot about speaking English with ease. My question is, what is the key to it all? …

Learning how to Speak English fluently might create more questions. Click here to visit our questions area!

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